Keto Dumpling Soup

20170824_164702.jpgLoved making the Bagel Bumps then crumbling them atop this delicious Chicken and Cabbage soup as dumplings. Simple ingredients make a healthy soup that you can enjoy for days.  Make a huge pot a freeze the soup for an easy dinner.   Also,  I used the Keto Bagel recipe and without a donut baking pan, they became Bagel bumps which I used as dumplings for this recipe. (see recipe listed as Keto Bagel on my blog FOOD tab)


  1. one white onion
  2. one head red cabbage
  3. four zuchinni
  4. one whole chicken
  5. one bag frozen green beans
  6. one or two boxes of chicken broth ( unsalted )

    20170824_143822 (2).jpg

    Keto Bagel – without hole, Bagel bump used as dumpling

DIRECTIONS :  Boil the whole chicken in one pot.  Second pot shred up one half of the red cabbage and dice up one white onion and bring to boil in one box of chicken stock.  Boil the chicken for 30 minutes.  Pull chicken off the bone, and shred into second pot of cabbage and onion.  Dump one whole bag of frozen beans into the soup, dump diced zucchini into the soup.  Seasoned with lemon pepper, garlic powder, and salt free seasoning. Cook for another 15 minutes.

SERVE with iced tea with lemon – crumble a cheesy bagel bump atop the steaming bowl of soup.  Wha La…Keto Soup with dumplings!  ENJOY Keto Bagels20170824_143901.jpg


One thought on “Keto Dumpling Soup

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