Why oh Why Big Sky


Sunrise over a vast prickly desert.

Why does the sky loom vast and big?  The stars stream with light beams so bright, it is —as if I might be illumined right. Ahhh, to witness the morning sun rise across a plane without interruption, is to be immersed in the majesty of His Diety.


Sunrise at the edge of a deep, stilled ocean.

To be Renewed, Refreshed, Rejuvenated,Restored, and Reinvented is to be born again. images (1)Need we drive, to travel to the ends of the earth so that we can be delivered into such a marvelous rebirth?  Not at all, that is not God’s will.  He only asks that we “Be still, and know that I am God” and that while we are assured in our spirit that “I am with you” to the end of time, that when we confess with our mouth that “Jesus is Lord” we become His.  Once we ask for forgiveness, we enter into change — like from a caterpillar to a butterfly — the process of sanctification takes time.  The caterpillar was stilled in a cocoon and completely transformed in His timing.  Go ahead and marvel at  His holy presence in all that is good, all that is beautiful, in all that He created. God is not distant. As a loving Father, He is patient, He is kind and He waits for us to call on His Son Jesus for mercy, forgiveness, for grace.  With our honest plea, He embraces us as His eternally.  We are His and He is ours, forever, and forever.  Oh Father, my Father thank You for the Big wide sky, the stars, the oceans, the forests, flowers and the music of birds, the prance of the wind.  Thank You for loving us deeper than the ocean and wider than the expanse of all the galaxies, and for longer than the end of time.  Thank You Father for choosing us and for issuing Thy unceasing, undeserved love, mercy, forgiveness and grace.

Sunrise Chapala arroyo Dec 2 2016

Sunrise in Chapala January 2017

Why oh why Big Sky?  Because our God is Big in grace and He covers us with His brilliant cloak of many colors … and with His endless love. We see Him in beauty, we surrender in willingness, as we die to our will and accept His will be done. Amen


San Nicolas de Ibarra October 7, 2017

Let us example humility and NOT live for the approval of others, lest we be impoverished with the reward of earthly praise.  God’s way and will is that we live for the approval of Jesus Christ so that we realize His approval now while greater rewards await us. “The Widow’s Offering” Mark 12:35-44 – Jesus sought to teach rather than to trap His listeners in the error of their doctrine or ways.  In this sermon Pastor Bob’s message was used by the Holy Spirit to engage my heart and mind into what the Spirit speaks through verses Mark 12:41-44.  Jesus was watching then and He watches now how we give.  He knows our hearts intentions and He knows who gives to be seen, and who gives because they are living “as unto the Lord”.  As Pastor Bob said in his congenial Texas drawl “The theology of Who Jesus is, the descendant of King David, and King David’s Lord – flat out wore most common people out, then and today.”  The bottom line is “Do you personally KNOW and love the anointed One, the Messiah, the Christ? Or do you attend church to be seen, to be acknowledged as good, to appear holy and superior?”  It is never too late to appreciate ALL that the Lord gives, ALL that He has created, and ALL that He has done for ALL who have surrendered to His ways.

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