A Kindred Spirit

23722415_10156817709279745_5048465432148017840_nLakeside is a little valley that is saturated with God’s creative handiwork. Wistfully and eagerly I thank my Lord for His shining light of guidance, provision, promise and for bringing me another kindred spirit in Dawn. A sweet momma from Hawaii who sparkles with love for all. Joy without ceasing is possible as long as I am grateful without ceasing!  For a time, we both dwell in a country that is inhabited by many veteran servants. My heart was again enlarged to encompass a new neighbor, Wendy from San Juan Tecomatlan.  Our pueblos are joined by a wee distance and our pebbled beach recedes and becomes flush with ethereal shades of green bobbings and amazing possibilities for doing good.


A day of giving in San Juan Tecomatlan, Jalisco, Mexico

Our Father knows our needs, and He is faithful to supply. There are many, many, many hearts and hands He could have chosen to bless me with, but in His wisdom my Lord chose to send me Dawn.  We abide in Him, and He in us and for a time He placed us together on the edge of a body of water that shimmers incandescently under a February sky,  painted by God. Anne with an E would certainly have agreed…..that Chapala’s gigantic pond should properly be renamed “the Lake of Shining Waters”.    We are here for God’s purpose and that is to love one another. My mind is raptured into silent reverence as I consider ALL what Jesus hath prepared for us.


A Valentines Dinner Party February 9, 2018.  Wendy is our new neighbor, Francisco lives around the corner…and we could have been singing “Getting to know you…” A Little Chapel song.

29694390_1831009846951911_2062900574768190734_nA Word that fits: Hallelujah. (click on pics below for expanded view of how Dawn, a Bodacious Babe of Christ keeps the love flowing in a small Mexican pueblo.)


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