738-13When I travel in the USA I just gotta have a Taco Bell fix!  The good news is that several fast food joints have published a “KETO MENU”.  Well, that must mean that the food industry has decided after much consumer inquiry to add KETO choices!


Plan on me asking for this on my visit to Arizona!


2 net carbs  – now I can get me my KFC fix


2 net carbs at Wendy’s   WOW!


3 thoughts on “KETO DRIVE THRU

  1. Ketosis and the ketogenic diet is a very interesting ways of dieting. I’m currently do the keto diet as well as intermittent fasting! So for me I don’t eat anymore than 30 carbs a day, it’s meat, eggs, and cheese for me. Also on top of that I have a 8 hour eating window everyday and outside of that window I fast for that time period. I do the 16;8 fasting method. But I would definitely recommend the keto diet to someone cause I’ve lost 6 lbs in 3 weeks! But I also found this product that is so interesting on ketosis and how your body reacts. Your body turns into a fat burning machine! Check this link out!


    • The Shepherd’s Code, KETO recipes here are safe and effective. I keep my carbs to under 20 per day. Carb Manager is the ap I use. A post herein about a 16 hour fast. Basically stop eating at 6 PM, then first meal is Bulletproof Coffee in the AM for fat, then no meal till 12 noon. ABSOLUTELY!


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