Be Stilled

Imagine having the time to stroll up a nearby hill where you intended to be alone, but alas you encounter a friendly Stranger. The thing you liked best about this guy was that He was all ears. In a small rural village there are not many distractions so we often marvel as crops grow to supply adequately for all humanity. Have you ever poured out your woes to a perfect stranger? Seems somehow safer to share your fears with someone who you will never see again. But what if this Stranger becomes your best friend?

Below is a worthy documentary that traces the evidence on biblical authority and the reliability and consistency of God’s Word. Get your popcorn, gather your family around and get ready to take notes or watch repeatedly. Do you truly believe that in the blink of an eye, we will all be changed? Do you believe that one day you will stand before God and receive a crown? Scholars are interviewed from various denominations and the one thing we all share in common is that every knee will bow and give account for every word we have spoken. March 3, 2022 the world is about to enter a war and NOW is a good time to ponder the Creator and His plan for us. ENJOY the GOOD NEWS – life began in a garden and God still speaks today.

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