KETO Chicky Strips

100_3741What’s for lunch, dinner or for party o’deserves? These chicken strips wrapped in bacon and baked for 15 minutes will please your spouse, kids or guests!


12 frozen chicken strips

12 strips of bacon

1/4 package Philadelphia cream0002370002086_A


A) wrap each frozen chicken strip with bacon

B) Bake at 350 degrees, or 270 Celsius for 15 minutes on a cookie sheet

C) Stir cream cheese into the bacon drippings as a sauce

Serve with zucchini spirals with butter or mayonnaise on the green.


“Me at my heaviest.  Living the KETO lifestyle, I get frustrated at the scale, but then my disappointment vanishes when I look back on where I started.  Don’t give in, or give up! These results took 3 years!  Take it from me- trust the process, give it time, monitor your progress. There are so many other benefits to KETO than what you may weight.” 

Makes 12, or 4 servings or 3 strips

Net carbs per serving 2

Protein 25 grams

Fat 16.6 grams

Calories 254

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