Who is that?

Who never departs from us? Who never ceases to surprise us? Who is everywhere we are? Who gives us courage? Who is always available 24/7 and Who is always for us never against us? Who consistently issues us mercy and grace? Who is extravagantly patient with us? Who intercedes in prayer for us? Who squeezes are broken hearts with tenderness? Who is trustworthy no matter who else may deceive us? Who is absolutely reliable to give us wisdom and guidance? Who knows all our secrets and loves us unconditionally? Who replenishes our strength? Who is our constant supplier of all good things? Who knows our needs before we ask? Who fills our emptiness with everlasting love? Who teaches with authority Who God is? Who is pure, praiseworthy and exceptionally excellent in all ways, all the time? Who can you be certain is listening always? Who forgives and forgets completely all our offenses? Who is the Person who knows you more intimately than any human being?????????? He was delivered into you supernaturally when you believed that Jesus is Lord, the King of kings. After you surrendered your heart and life to Jesus Christ, this One holy and divine being immediately took up residence in you. He resides and abides in you!  Our most holy and loving Father, our all knowing Jesus masterfully made it possible by delivering the promised Holy Spirit into us.  We have invited Him in to counsel, to guide and to change us.  He enables us to personally embrace the real Truth of Who Jesus Christ is.  The Holy Spirit is NOT a dissipating puff of smoke or a passing feeling…but He is our omnipresent Counselor Who enables us to experience God Himself, Who is always at work “in” us and for us!  A blessing prayer for YOU! I bless your spirit to rise above circumstances and allow the transformation that only Jesus can bring.  Our greatest weapon against the Liar is the Almighty Word of God.  I bless you with a confident and playful life that engages your family and others.  I bless your spirit with a hunger for God’s living Word and a supernatural relationship with the Holy Spirit.  I bless your spirit with the freedom to believe and trust God over all the restrictions and beliefs circulating in this world.  I bless your spirit to fly high above what is seen,  with illumined eyes that perceive the unseen and majestic holy presence of God in all situations.  I bless you in the the transforming power of Jesus Christ, the King of kings, in Whom there is absolute liberty from fear and JOY unspeakable.  AMEN29594849_1233857740078817_7995793060819108559_n (1)“Has not my hand made all these things, and so they came into being?” declares the Lord. “These are the ones I look on with favor: those who are humble and contrite in spirit, and who tremble at my word.” Isaiah 66:2  The Holy Spirit is a Person because He has emotions otherwise we could not grieve the Holy Spirit. He is our Counselor, the Holy Spirit teaches us, He gives us understanding of Holy Scripture, He brings all glory to God, He convicts us, He chastises us to repent.  Read the following scriptures and ask the Holy Spirit to give you revelation. 1 John 4:13, 1 Corin 2:10, 1 Corin 12:7, Eph 4:30, John 14:16-26. John 15:26.


Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10  Watch these 4 powerful youtubes and be changed Is the devil real?

3 thoughts on “Who is that?

  1. Shawn Bolz “Generosity” The Kingdom culture of generosity was made real to me when I was 18 in a street ministry. A group of Christian kids for Christ ate at Applebee’s and a table of 12 actually DINED and DASHED. Our table was stunned, how do we reconcile this? We went to the manager and paid their bill with funds from the ministry then returned to our “outreach conference”. The waitress was stiffed from her tip so from the podium the story was shared and we sent around KFC buckets to take an offering to give to the waitress. The conference was filled with 15-16 year old kids who had little money in their collective pockets. God surprised us all because the total collected was $2,700 dollars. This group of teenagers got touched by compassion for what had happened and gave what little they had. The conference management team returned to Applebee’s and asked to talk to the waitress to apologize and give her a tip. When we handed over the $2,700 and said we want to bless you, she fell down and began crying, and the Applebee manager falls down in tears saying “ you don’t understand she’s been one of the best people I know and she’s been living in her car. Her daughter was about to be taken into child protective services unless she came up with $1,400 for a rent. People in her life were praying but she said “God does not hear my prayers”. Tonight you have shown her that God loves her, He cares, and He provides. The take away was that the multiplication of just all of us giving the little fish and loaf we had turned into a miracle that changed her whole life. As a Christian when we bring generosity to the table it can solve and resolve spiritual issues, not just natural ones. The waitress came over to our teen conference to announce “I believe in God”. Life had been hard for her for so long, her disappointments crushed her faith and in her weariness, her unbelief grew. We need to stop at times and confess our own unbelief that comes from our own disappointments. When we have prayed and we feel like God is deaf to our cry, that He does not care, we need to confess “God I am sorry for mistrusting you, forgive me.” What happened that night to her helped me to see the unwavering, faithfulness of who God is. 1Timothy 6 :18 and 19 reading the Passion translation, reminds us in today’s language “to be wealthy, to be rich in good works an extravagant in our generosity, towards others will provide a beautiful foundation for LIFE as He would have us live it. Secure for them a great future as they lay hand their hands upon the meaning of true life. As we become more like Jesus, and less like a greedy, needy person, we are to live the Truth, the Life, the Way like Jesus did. He lavished us with Words of Knowledge, He provides for our every need extravagantly, He pours our His love generously. Generosity is one of the main core values of God. God came as a Creator in Genesis 1 and He said I’m gonna create all of this then create a man and a woman with the exact same level of creative power. The best of God’s nature is that He is generous in love, grace, mercy, forgiveness. He delivers us from evil and His desire is that we love ourselves as He loves us, and that we love others out the same. When we get stuck in a funky place of doubt like that waitress, He is faithful to restore us to His original plan for us, for His purpose, for His glory. Even though we fail over and over, the generous part of God’s nature is to give with no strings, no expectations attached. God gave to the thief on the cross, and to Judas the same measure of love, mercy and grace that He gave to Peter who denied Him three times. The extravagance displayed in scripture indicates a Truth that God wants us to grasp. There is a place inside of us that God operates in. Our open generosity of love, mercy, funds and grace towards others is the main landing strip for the Holy Spirit. We may not have experienced the Holy Spirit in His extravagance because we haven’t learned how or allowed ourselves to be truly generous. Usually when there’s a lack of generosity, there is a lack of identity in the very nature of Christ in us. We may go into self-protection, self-focus, self-absorption, narcissism because we are afraid to GIVE GOD our all even though cerebrally we know He have us His all. Each of us have been wired on every level to spiritually, neurologically, psychologically, biologically to be generous. The Truth is that the most generous people in the world that are documented today are the most impoverished people in the world. Not having enough is an issue of NOT understanding what you’ve been given. In America we have been given opportunity, we have a government that will pay for my healthcare, food stamps, and education. We have feeding programs at churches, in schools and the government supplies the 70,000 homeless people that camp out just in the LA area each year with places to shower and gets meals. There are countries that offer zero programs for the poor. As a Christian we are blessed because we are destined for heaven and heaven is a place with no sorrow pain and full provision. God promised a prosperous life for all eternity so this version of your life. In this life we already KNOW that we have a mansion in heaven and we cannot give out of an attitude of generosity if we DO NOT believe we’ve received God’s generosity on earth. We must recognize that we have been blessed to be born as an American. Generosity starts with the attitude that says I am blessed therefore I can be a blessing. We don’t give with the entitlement attitude that “If I give, I expect to receive.” For 10 years my wife wanted to buy a house in LA. 2nd Corinthians 8:1 2:9 “beloved ones we must tell you about the grace poured out upon the churches in Macedonia for even during a season of severe difficulty and tremendous suffering they became even more filled with joy, in the depths of their extreme poverty, super abundant joy overflowed into an act of extravagant generosity.” A body of believers who experienced the worst recession in their history, all of a sudden got filled by the spirit of joy. Christian because we have Jesus. Our Father gave us His only Son that whosoever believes in Him will have eternal life. Some billionaires give anonymous donations to all kinds of great non-profits. They do not give the majority of their wealth away, but Bill Gates and Oprah donate and give to leverage life expectancy in poor countries. We need to honor people even if they don’t follow our favorite doctrine because their generosity can inspire us to give our whole hearts, minds to Christ and be led to be as generous as God enables us to be with love, money and our gifts. Giving without expecting anything in return was modeled by Jesus. Using our God given talents for others is true spiritual generosity. Recognizing areas where we have more than enough and using those as storehouses for the world around us, is being generous by being who God called you to be. The single greatest deterrent to giving is the belief that the world in not our home so why dream. God’s dream for us that we would use our talents and prosper in Him, that He wants us to dream to have the house for your family to live in safely, funds for college. There is a bigger dream that God has in His Kingdom generosity and it is NOT limited to just our family and our needs. God’s full Dream of His generous Sons nature being poured out on the world and to see everybody come to Christ. Like in the current immigration issue, we may ask that the Lord give us GENEROUSLY the mind of Christ about that. It is important that we do NOT get caught up in all the divisions. The Bible has more scriptures about how to handle foreigners, widows, and orphans. We need God to download His heart into our open heart for His view, His way and trust Him to work in us that we may speak wisely and act according to His will. Our nature is to blame shift and shame others for not thinking our way. It takes a generous nature to understand the Kingdom value of people and pay it forward. Americans have modeled a type of generosity that has never been seen by any country in history. The acquisition of wealth since the Second World War has far outpaced levels of giving Christians. The rich give to charities steadily and each year it increase, however the amount given by Christians by percentage falls further and further behind the levels of those who have acquired wealth and accumulated wealth. What about His original wiring in us to be generous? Yes, we absolutely do stupid things as falling short people, but the good news is that our fallen nature does unplug God’s wiring. We were originally wired by God to be generous. Think of a baby with a toy, it shares. It grows to a toddler then screams “mine”. Number one principle to connecting to our God nature of generosity is in building interpersonal relationships with each other. Christians will only give if it has a Christian label to it – is a problem – because their generosity is not born of the Spirit. Holy Spirit thank you that we have you as our leader . Lead us into generosity that we’re not limited to our own ideas or
    creativity or lack thereof but we actually have you Holy Spirit, we treasure the Word, and we have Jesus as our example. We have the Holy Spirit living inside of us and I pray that as we’ve been talking about God’s kingdom value for all people that You would install it so deeply in our bones that those of us who already have it, world multiply it and create more for those of never really allowed themselves to be generous in praise, in helps, in giving. Give us the opportunity to go on a new generous journey. Jesus I pray that You bless us with Your Spirit so we can see clearly what You want us to be generous in. Holy Spirit open a revelation to know what You’re doing and how to partner and participate. Make us a bright light to the world all around us, especially through generosity. Thank You Jesus for all the benefits it gives us. Thank You God on every level for how You have wired us with generosity. Help us Lord to be more deliberate in our thinking and giving. AMEN and AMEN


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