Heaven Came Down

Heaven came down…


and He walked around. 56697067_2173695279381515_8920670756241670144_n

He spoke His truth … then graciously invited us …to taste His Fruit.0_NWYFtAjpEZwozsQc

 — Sacrificially He laid His life down.gardentomb2017_hdv

They placed Him in a tomb, but as promised … He’s coming soon!photo-1496857239036-1fb137683000

He left that room,

in full GLORY.

Love no doubt,

IS what Easter

is ALL about. GethsemaneFinal 20x30-800x600

 Jesus the Sacrifice, to pay the price..the-crucifixion-of-christ

to fulfill His Father’s Promise…30914-cross-5-facebook

To never leave us, or forsake us – Hallelujah and AMEN !

So let us store up what we treasure… 

His mercy, His grace — let Him replace our greed.

For in His love we find all we need.5813e323596ced03c79dff3342cbc460

Jesus is alive…and we are His brideWho-is-the-first-woman-met-Lord-Jesus-after-resurrection

His message is hope.

He gave us significance,

and in all His radiance He shows us… 

His purity alone

is the meaning of Holy.925333e455f7fe6f9322cd0174ba6374

Let us celebrate Easter then,

and let us honor His Way…

as He has risen ‘in us’ 

each and every day…

Today is the glorious resurrection day!  AMEN57024043_854745128203680_3720773569169326080_n

Thank You Father for filling my dreams with visions of Yourself, with me prostrate at Your throne. With my heart receptive, Your Light illuminated, that I am forever Yours, and I woke on a pillow, humbled by how much You care.

Copyright © 2019 by Barbara Alley Hoyle.

All rights reserved.

“It is finished.”


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