PBS Red Thai Curry

A plant based solution (PBS) to satisfy that deep yearn for something spicy! This vegan RED THAI CURRY will never fail to please. Soup + rice whats not to love.  Any Thai fans clicking in? Well I am certain that this spicy recipe will cure any Thai Curry Crazies. The truth is variety is the spice of life when you are a WFPB peeper! Don’t cha just love those little miniature corn on the cobs! Another Chef to follow! a red thai

A homespun FUN pot of darn good RED THAI CURRY. The Chef: https://simplyvegetarian777.com/instant-pot-red-thai-curry-recipe-vegan-glutenfree/?fbclid=IwAR1k_J-HwC_Tfe-XI78P3V4cgh8C5BE12l84MpUaZGjTuoJZ5N4y_5uol8s

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