FB_IMG_1589833476738Robert Kennedy, Jr., son of the late Robert F. Kennedy, has spent his life fighting for causes he holds dear, including controversial ones. For over three decades, Kennedy, Jr. served as an attorney for top environmental groups, going toe-to-toe in lawsuits against corporate giants. More recently, he’s questioned the safety of vaccines, eliciting rebukes from a consensus of mainstream scientists, and even from family members. It’s not a conspiracy theory—mandated vaccines are in the plan for the resolution for the Pandemic 2020. Do the math: Bill Gates invests hundreds of billions into Vaccination-for-profit on a world scale. WHY? As a businessman, Gates expects a return! His purpose to vaccinate the world is to earn TRILLIONS. Gates vaccines paralyzed 496,000 children in India. Robert Kennedy Jr. has a diagnosis of Spasmodic dysphonia and while his voice may shake, he strongly defends our RIGHT to vaccinate or not. Filmed Jan 2020.
Charlene was on Capital Hill with Bobby Kennedy, Del Bigtree, and some amazing mothers of vaccine damaged kids. We sat together with Jason Chaffetz talking about the 1986 Act. He said Congress does not like the word Repeal and wanted something else to work on. I know we made a huge impact on him that day. A week later, he resigned. We are doing what we can to be sure. That is why we produced our docu-series. This is why we had our TTAV Vaccine Roundtable. This is why we are setting the record straight with Bobby Kennedy. We are a team. And together we are strong. we MUST WIN!! This video is dated October 2015.

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