Citizens Unmasking

fine-guard-mask-model_1024xx3024-1698-0-599Is it SAFE to wear a MASK 8 hours a day? One story of a healthy teen who suffered dangerous health complications. A Healthy 19 yrs old frontline worker at a huge grocery store chain felt sick two weeks after wearing a mask 5-6 days a week. SYMPTOMS: Side and back pain, nausea, chest pain. Her primary doc sent her for chest x-ray. The right side of her chest “lit up”, so she underwent an MRI, Cat Scan, and an Ultra sound of back and abdomen areas. Imagine the COST and the FRIGHT! Returned to work as all tests showed nothing. While at work this 19 year old was unable to breathe and had chest pain. The teen was Rushed to RT and quarantined as they waited for a COVID test result. She was by herself because no one could visit her in isolation. DIAGNOSIS: Pleurisy, is a serious inflection of the outside of the lining of her lungs. Her doctor claimed it was caused by wearing a mask for over 8 hours a day 5-6 days a week. WHY? When anyone breathes in their own bacteria and carbon dioxide, this pushes it down deep into your lungs and causes an infection. This teen is in severe pain and is off work without pay. Social media does NOT cover human interest stories during the Plandemic! This youth is now is bed bound and struggling to breathe. SHe is was prescribed Antibiotics, Steroids, and Breathing treatments.
eye-in-the-sky-drone-surveillance-and-privacy_1500Do you believe only General Flynn and the first family of the United States are the only people who have been unmasked?  While you click into games on Facebook, and when you use Google, you are contributing to the algorithms that collect data on you. Are you a Christian? Are you a Democrat? Should you be censored? In 2020 the governor of Connecticut dispatched to watch, surveil, and report people who have a temperature, who have high respiratory rate, and who are NOT wearing masks. The citizen who are NOT 6 feet apart while in public get a fine! The country has been hypnotized by MEDIA warfare. Citizens are being manipulated into fear by the constant unscientific information being reported in the news. In the Hall and Oats musical hit ‘Private Eyes’, which was part of a 1981 album by the same name there is a chorus that begins;
“Private eyes
They’re watching you
They see your every move.” Drones that were once used only for military purposes have now entered the private sector. A drone is a device that can be used to invade a person’s privacy in a mundane way – it can simply spy on you. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, “drones deployed without proper regulation, drones equipped with facial recognition software, infrared technology, and speakers capable of monitoring personal conversations would cause unprecedented invasions of our privacy rights.
TRUMP2020Peaceful Protests have historically proven very effective, however, the wearing of a mask has been proven NOT essential to maintain health during the COVID19 Pandemic! To recharge the economy, we can obey the mandate to wear a mask and spread the message to VOTE for TRUMP in November.  Wear a mask similar to the one pictured to shop at Walmart and watch how Blue state governors rethink keeping salons, retailers and small business closed. Rise up and wear a mask, but watch the science about MASKS! It is a form of Tyranny to get a ticket with a fine for having our constitutional rights violated. As Christians we are to pray for our leaders, but we are not called to obey all laws that violate our freedoms. Over 1,000 Pastors are rising up to open churches on May 31, 2020. We the people have had enough! We are free to resume life on planet earth, and exercise caution according to our own “at risk” health condition or age.


Obey the law, ot be fined. As a new regime takes us into a New World Order, we have all been UNMASKED of the purpose of CONTROL  Dictators dictate to wear a mask.

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