Sugar Coated

What is killing the American spirit? A beautiful image of a deadly substance! The SUGAR bowl, a VESSEL for Disaccharides? Hmmm, had to do a bit of research in order to evaluate if I need any more sugar! Disaccharides is an enzyme that hydrolyzes or chemically processes or decomposes or splits a bond. Well that pretty much sums up the sugar coated news we ingest from the current naked king. Has our spirit been decomposing with our bond with God? What in fact is sentencing all people, regardless of nationality to a brain dead life prematurely? It is not guns! It is too much sugar, or too many triple bacon cheeseburgers, along with too much intentional TV programming, or brainwashing against all TRUTH! What actually kills all hope of the world population, what effectively renders us weak and subject to the Liar? Removing or banning God from the courtroom, the school, and our histories will only delay His final Word, as His will shall be done just as the living Word of God says. AMEN and so it should be, AMEN and so it is!

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