Poetic Times

A Wishing Well – a place to muse in the garden, a place to toss our hope for things to come. Our choice is to hang onto the hope we have, and to the faith we have been given by the only trustworthy Source. Truth is certain, eternity is sure. We live in Poetic Times.

“Troubles come and…
Troubles will go…

It is God Himself that promises,
Mayhem will encircle this globe.

One thing is sure…as troubles endure,
His rescue effort will secure.

We adamantly try to circumvent …
to avoid evil’s shadowy pit.

Yet doing our best from east to west,

We hear and see atrocities expressed.

From dusk until dawn… we are obsessed

to live irksome free, but

Alas, I see the ancients, the saints before us

Who shined in character without a fuss

What Moses, Job, Joseph and we can do

Is to boldly, and fearlessly,
hold onto what faith we have

and be glad, in times of hardship such as these.”

Written May 7, 2021 by Barbara Alley Hoyle

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