We Win

Ambassadors are always called home before a planned war begins. The 3 great military powers in this world: USA, CHINA, RUSSIA have empowered Iran to destroy Israel and America 🔥 However, God’s power intervenes just as the prophet Ezekiel foretold. God wins the coming war and He rescues Israel as a nuclear attack is planned. As ambassadors of Christ we are here to represent Jesus and as Christians we trust in His promises. Therefore, as His Ambassadors, we are assured by His unfailing Word that we will be taken up and out of here before this world implodes. This is our blessed assurance, and we are rapture ready with our trust in His plan. Our hope is in the faithful Father to save His people from the coming woes during the tribulation. The God component of warfare is not mentioned in world news, except for this station in Israel. Amir Tsarfati is a major in the IDF. https://youtu.be/2kWd-2d2qXM
USA to re-enter nuclear talks with Iran? Why? https://youtu.be/b149cab_fpg

Rapture Ready?
Tribulation Ready?

His Will is Done

Done Declared

The Hour ?

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