End Boredom

Working hard at being retired, it truly is a full time job to not get bored with our set routines. Adding spice to life while the world is locked down, we must employ our creative genius to not go bonkers. Peeps that are still employed must consider changing up their average weekend plans to keep the JOY of living activated.

Here are 25 Ideas 🌻 to end boredom
1) walk daily
2) cook new recipe
3) plan a fiesta
4) volunteer
5) join a board
6) be a life coach online
7) write a book
8) make a music playlist
9) adopt a pet
10) remodel a room
11) Discover a new hobby: disc golf, kayak, dance
12) join garden club
13) house or dog sit
14) blog a fun story about ???
15) schedule weekly meetups
SUN: Church WED: Study FRI?
16) organize a trip with buds
17) read a book per month
18) host a book club
19) book a week at the beach
20) clean out fridge monthly
21) hand wash, hang laundry outside
22) design a new table setting
23) visit an old friend
24) keep a gratitude journal
25) visit zoo, museum, mall

Even golfing, playing tennis, taking the same walk or shuffling cards three times a week does get boring. After retiring I can honestly confess that I never thought I would miss work or get bored in my retirement. Alas, I was wrong. The list above represents many things I have already done. I wrote a book, had a book club, hosted a weekly women’s group for a year, went zip lining, ATV motoring, kayaked new waters, went on a Sandi Patty cruise with friends, did a couple of border crossings, hosted elegant tea parties, went to Israel, sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge, touched down on Canadian soil, organized spa days with local girls, remodeled our casa, moved to a new home, remodeled again, volunteered at church, adopted a pet, took up baking, photographed and blogged about all sorts. My husband and I even enjoyed a COVID hospital trip in September 2020 which renewed our faith in Jesus Christ. Having recounted all our retirement blessings, and as I approach my 70th soon, I am thrilled to share that nothing can slow down my enthusiasm about our next adventure! In this cancel culture, you are free to cancel boredom with a plan to live boldly!

Wash by hand, hang in a breeze

2 thoughts on “End Boredom

  1. I tend to like the mundane routines. After the first 2/3 of my life putting out fires, dealing with sudden events, running from here to there, and enjoying many of the things in your list, it is such a blessing to have the routines of watching the wildlife in our yard, caring for my pets, playing my music, reading my Bible, cooking our favorite dishes…I think of retirement as a time to do the things that we didn’t have the time to do before. And comfortably enjoying my rut is about as wonderful as it gets for me :).

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    • Yes, at age 70, reflecting back on all the Lord has allowed me to see + all He has done in me ❤️ I am grateful. I would not be able to keep up with my younger self. These days I mostly enjoy my Bible, my yard, my dog, my casa, and blogging. My rut till Jesus beams me up 😀


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