Double Beefy Recipe

363 pesos = $17.00 USD for 2 pounds of beef in Mexico

Where’s the Beef? For those who shop at Costco, we buy quality hamburger at a great price, however, the package contains a double portion, two pounds. This makes two different KETO recipes, with ONLY one mess in the kitchen! This double package of hamburger became a big pot of beefy KETO chili without beans and two KETO meatloaves. One to eat, one to freeze or bring to a friend locked down or home with a cold. Total cost of all ingredients for at least 12 servings is about $25.00 USD. (in Mexico)

Diced onions browning in bacon fat, burger for chili browning for Chili


COSTCO  DOUBLE  package of hamburger 2 pounds

  • Montreal Steak Seasoning
  • Costco DICED garlic
  • ½ packet Schilling Chili mix
  • Chili POWDER
  • Eggs
  • Saltine Crackers
  • Heinz sugar free catsup
  • Lipton’s dry package Onion Soup mix
  • POMI one box Chopped Tomatoes 26 oz
  • 1 giant white ONION diced
  • 1 giant tomato diced
Spicy hot so reduce the 1/2 tsp of chili powder if you like it milder.

BEEFY CHILI without beans

BROWN one side of hamburger in bacon fat

BROWN one giant diced onion in bacon fat

Place one diced tomato + 1 tbls minced garlic + POMI box tomatoes in saucepan

ADD ½ tsp chili powder + 2 tbls Montreal steak seasoning + ½ packet Chili mix

ADD ½ browned diced onion to saucepan

ADD browned hamburger to saucepan  MIX well

Cook on low for ½ hour and enjoy KETO CHILI

Saltine crackers and onions maybe 3 CARBS per serving


Place one lump of hamburger meat in large mix bowl

ADD two large eggs – ADD 10 saltine crushed crackers

ADD 1 tbls minced garlic – ADD ½ browned onions

ADD ½ fresh chopped onion – ADD 1 packet Lipton’s onion soup mix

SQUISH all ingredients with hands really well

SPRAY two square cake pans with PAM

Divide hamburger into both pans smash into corners

Squirt sugar free catsup atop of each meatloaf, smooth over with spoon

BAKE for 30 minutes – serve with cauliflower mashed potatoes.

Picture taken pre-baked – it was delicious, shared with a neighbor today!

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