One Pan Egg Dish

My One Meal a Day planned while fasting.

A wonderful meal to break a 19 hour fast! One pan, easy to make, easy to clean up after a delicious meal for two hungry people. Simple ingredients! Crack 5 eggs into large bowl and whisk together all these ingredients. White or green onions diced + ¼ cup shredded cheese (your fav cheese) + 1 tsp of salt +½ tsp of black pepper + 1 shot glass of heavy whipping cream. WHISK all together and then….let it sit while you fry up some bacon to lay on top of this magnificent creation.

Mikey liked it!

HEAT UP large skillet using: 3 tbls olive oil + 1 tsp butter then ADD  1 tbsp of minced garlic, stir about the pan. LAY 2 thick sliced tomatoes atop butter/garlic. Cook until tomatoes are softened, flip tomatoes after about 3 minutes. Use turkey baster to suck up the tomato juice in the pan. NOW Add mixture of eggs, spread mixture evenly across tomatoes. Cover pan with a lid and allow to cook about 3 minutes. Lift egg to see if bottom browned up. IF you have an avocado in the house, add to the top with crumbled bacon. Slice like an egg pizza and serve with your favorite cup of HOT…tea, or coffee.

Tweak it to your taste buds!

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