Come Out

A timeless documentary was on the Big Screen for one night! The movie was all about being set free. “Come Out in Jesus Name” premiered in theatres across America! It was thrilling to see so many people lined up to watch “The Jesus Revolution” and after the “Come Out” documentary, evil was cast out and the audience stood up praying, crying and praising God for the Holy Spirit who sets us FREE! We sent screaming demons back to the ABYSS to report to their superior that their mission failed – these Christians stood strong, they are NOT woke or blind. They took their authority seriously! Just think of how Satan cringes to see the name of Jesus in broad way lights! In March 2023 the FREEDOM narrative rang true in hearts across the land! “Anointed people can pray and preach out of a gift — the Holy Spirit enables lay people to deliver potent mini sermons that peers can hear. Most of the church today confines the work of the Holy Spirit. This panel of Demon Slayers are training up thousands of disciples to do what the Bible says. “Deliverance requires a relationship with the Deliverer. It requires the servant to stand in authority. The servant does not get better at deliverance, in fact, over time, the servant gets more humble, and ever more submitted as they rely on the Holy Sprit. The servant trusts that the Holy Spirit knows every demon by name. Only He knows for certain what the problem is within a person. Be it physical, mental, emotional, chemical or spiritual, the servant waits on the Holy Spirit to give them a word and His words are repeated.” Mike Signorelli began assisting the Holy Spirit to set people free in the 1990’s. — the entire panel imparts great wisdom. Acts chapter 8 Philip shared the Gospel and he cast out demons. If all we needed to do is share the Gospel to save souls, deliverance would be pointless. Christians have voices in their head that lead them to do things that they do not want to do. Possess means having ownership – oppression or depression is possible for Christians.

When a person with the Holy Spirit works to cast out a demon, that demon is taken out of circulation. They are sent to the ABYSS, without parole. Demons are sentenced to life in prison. They do NOT jump from the exited body into you — or into your family members. Deliverance servants know that when they send a brotherhood of demons back to the ABYSS the disembodied personalities exit screaming. Deliverance is accomplished by the Holy Spirit and the humble servants are careful as they wait on the Lord. Their effectiveness comes from their dependency on the Holy Spirit. The strongest demons hide, they do not manifest quickly with shrieks and twisted faces. These silent dark influencers of secret societies, religious spirits, occults and dark habits could take 2 or more hours of calling them OUT before they manifest with a voice. “Come out and go back to the ABYSS and report to your superior that you failed your mission to destroy this Christian!” Demons know that they will be tormented in the ABYSS for failing their assignment. Think of the ABYSS as the torture room of the most miserable place where they wait their final judgement. LUKE 8:31 “They (demons) begged him NOT to command them to depart into the ABYSS.” ROMANS 10:7 “The ABYSS is the place of the dead.” REVELATION 17 “The anti-Christ will rise out of the ABYSS.” REVELATION 20 “The ABYSS is the place where Satan will be bound.” Those who are obedient to God’s word, rely on the Holy Spirit to cast out demons in Jesus name, for His glory. God blessed us all by sending the Holy Spirit into all who confessed Jesus as their Lord. Halleluiah REVIVAL begins in the home and it spreads like a raging fire. Build your FAITH in the power of the Holy Spirit and listen up, and take notes off this podcast, a great teaching tool for those who feel called to slay demons.

FIND the website of each panel member below the podcast on YouTube. Click into the one who speaks to your spirit and hear more. Vlad, Alex, and Daniel have many sermons to lean into. These people have been setting Christians free from addictions, anger, pornography, nightmares and fear. A word from VLAD on how to avoid getting controlled by a sneaky demon who slips into a door you innocently open. Do you have sudden dark thoughts? Do you burst into anger easily? Do you privately lust right after your prayer time? A demon may occupy a space in your head with a voice or a vision that stops you “wait, where did that come from?” Do you read horoscopes, cling to crystals? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you…what? Demons come and go quickly. We cast OUT demons but we tear DOWN strongholds. Strongholds take time and perseverance. Begin with demons, and work through your strongholds of fear, anger and anxiety.

YES self deliverance with GREAT FAITH is possible: Recognize, know and admit that you need deliverance. Repent of the short temper, the times when you snapped off and hurled words. Our heart is deceitful above all else and that makes our individual bondage issues very hard to uncover. Be desperate! Psalm 34 “I cried out to the Lord and He delivered me.” Confess your faith in Jesus! “Lord bring anything from my past into the light. Lord I come to You with a contrite heart that breaks because of how I have hurt You. Weeping and wailing I renounce my pretense in church and admit I need help. Submission has power. It allows the Holy Spirit to break down pride. Repent or perish. RECOGNIZE, REPENT, RENOUNCE, RELEASE, RESIST, REPLACE, RENEW and REMAIN rooted in a body of believers. REPLACE the place that Satan used to own, and welcome the Holy Spirit – to now occupy that space in you. Be addicted to the Word of God. Go from deliverance to devotion. The Holy Spirit transforms the information of God’s word —- into awesome revelation.

RENOUNCE the spirit of infirmity, heaviness, depression, anger, the spirit of hate, self-pity, pornography. THEN release thyself from the same spirit. Demons are expelled but then we may get plagued by a thought “you are not really delivered or saved.” SPANK the DEVIL and FIGHT back and RESIST the DEVIL hard with Scripture and he will flee. In order to quote the Bible —-we need to know the verses to FIGHT with so we can punch and knock out the devil and his lies.

OPEN DOORS TO DEMONS: 1) Generational curses from relatives we never met. 2) Unwanted in the womb 3) Broken home 4) Sexual abuse 5) Enter-tainment music, movies, kindle, cell phone, playing games. 6) Tarot cards, horoscopes, idols, crystals etc. The demon enters in our weakness – when we snap, fly off into a rage, feel alone, unwanted, insignificant. The abuser and the abused have demons – it is a spiritual law. What happens in the unseen realm is real.

CAN YOU SELF-DELIVER? The internal, INSIDE demons need to be expelled. The OUTSIDE demons need to be fiercely resisted. DELIVERANCE occurs through the blood of Jesus, the Word of Jesus, and faith in the power of the Holy Spirit. Deliverance can be self-administered, but the biblical model is to have someone cast demons out of us. All Christians have access to the power of the Holy Spirit, 24/7. Revelation 12: “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.” The Source of our power is the blood of Jesus. Deliverance can happen as you read your Bible with great faith. Deliverance happens without a distance between you and the Holy Spirit. He is with you wherever you are ministering to you personally. The place that Satan used to own, gets vacated and then taken up by the Holy Spirit – Because we intend to REPLACE who occupies that SPACE, with DEVOTION to the one worthy of all praise . In this very real evil world, people today are being re-awakened to the power of the Holy Spirit through miraculous signs and wonders. A Jesus Revolution

Jesus told His disciples “Go and cast out demons, drive out demons.” Jesus also commanded us to go preach the gospel and lay hands on people for healing. Many people came to know Jesus through a dream, reading a book, watching a sermon — alone. Derek Prince, a philosophy major came to know Jesus and experience a resurrection of his spirit as a soldier in a barrack in the desert, alone. Others have experienced healing without someone laying hands on them.

Former Nashville Baptist pastor Greg Locke gained national fame for his rebellion against COVID restrictions, and his feverish support for Donald Trump. He was embraced by the above team of demon slayers. In the documentary Greg said “It was never about the controversy. It was never about the politics. I thought it was. I thought it was about Trump. I thought it was about COVID. But God built our platform for deliverance.” The self produced film released on March 13 and it shows Locke in partnership with the above group of demon-slaying preachers. People are being set free and being trained to rely on the Holy Spirit to do the same for others. The Asbury revival adds fuel to the fire which has been flaming in the open, in living rooms of ordinary folks seeking deliverance. It is a people’s movement linked to the kind of Christian nationalism we all have prayed for. AMEN

7 thoughts on “Come Out

  1. READ chapter 8 of THE BOOK OF ACTS. Pastor Isaiah Saldivar is a demon slayer in Stockton, California with a weekly podcast. Follow Isaiah on YouTube.
    Let every lie be silenced
    And all depression cease
    Let every dark assignment
    Bow down at Jesus’ feet
    Let every curse be broken
    Let every storm be tamed
    And all that come against us
    Be bound in Jesus’ name
    Your presence is my greatest weapon!
    Pushing back the darkness!
    Breaking every chain!”
    This song was published by Natalie Grant, a Christian song writer, songbird. Why do her words include crushing strongholds? My worship opens up the heavens! Crushing every stronghold! When I speak Your name! Your presence is my weapon! Your strength will not be shaken! Your love will not back down! Death has been defeated! What can stop us now! I hold on to what You’ve spoken! (Acts 8) You said that I am free! You’ve given me Your promise! You are my victory! Your word and a melody are making a way for me! You defeat the enemy! This prison is shaking now! And these walls are coming down! Your presence makes me free!
    I am free! ❤️

    Isaiah speaks about Acts Chapter 8

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  2. Oh Lord Jesus, King of the universe, Adonai I confess that I need You. In my life I have been a seeker of the approval of others, not You . My heart breaks 💔 for how I have hurt You with my pretense. Oh Father, I do not deserve Your mercy, grace and compassion, and yet You have always provided more than I need. Forgive me for not truly worshipping You for Who You are…in my spirit, You have not pushed Your way into my conscience, You have waited for my honest 💯 repentance. Forgive me Father for my great abuse towards Your constant flow of love. I have taken You for granted. Help me Lord. My heart ❤️ continues to beat because of Your mercy. My lungs fill with air only because of Your immeasurable love. Blessed is the name of Jesus, mighty to save even a wretch like me. “You will make know to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In your right hand there are pleasures forevermore!” Psalms 16:11


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  5. Psalm 118:5-6. Words in Hebrew, transliteration, and English translation:

    מִֽן־הַ֭מֵּצַ֥ר קָרָ֣אתִי יָּ֑הּ עָנָ֖נִי בַמֶּרְחָ֣ב יָֽהּ׃
    ה׳ לִ֭י לֹ֣א אִירָ֑א מַה־יַּעֲשֶׂ֖ה לִ֣י אָדָֽם׃

    Min hameitzar karati Ya
    Anani vamerchav Ya
    Adonai li lo Ira
    Ma yaaseh li adam

    From the narrow place I called Jah;
    [God] answered me with the expansiveness of Jah.
    The LORD is for me, I will not fear;
    What can a person do to me?


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