A Jesus Revolution

“You either believe in God or you do not. You are either for Him, or against Him.” When Greg Laurie heard that truth, it stirred up the muddy waters in his soul. Jesus said “Whoever is not with Me, is against Me. And whoever does not gather with Me, scatters.” Matthew 12:30 Greg had all the freedom kids thrive on, and without direction he sampled all that the world offered. His divorced mom was a drunk who married multiple times. The Viet Nam war had divided the country and the songs on the radio from the Beatles to Rock legends voiced lyrics that opposed war and promoted peace. Jesus said “I am come NOT to destroy you, but to give you abundant life.” Jesus also said “behold I’ve set before you an open door.” Emptiness gets filled with the truth, and that truth is that this broken world needs Jesus. A new president or a different administration cannot bridge the gap. In 1969, with great reluctance Greg tuned into what the Spirit of God was saying…and what He still says over all other voices. We all have pain in this life, but the wise choose to look with hope for a future. One baby step at a time, we get refined… Soul Rest

Greg Laurie tells his story and it just might make you reconsider what will happen on the day you stand before the judgement seat. Greg’s testimony from a proud rebel to a humbled follower of Jesus is documented on YouTube below. The movie in theatre’s across America “The Jesus Revolution” just happened to take six years to produce. Is it a coincidence that it exploded on the big screen immediately following the revival of Asbury? People in 2023 on both sides of politics are thirsting for truth and justice. Just like during the Viet Nam War narrative, people are now tuning into “The Chosen” a people funded hit series. Tap into Bible stories which make the first followers of Jesus relevant today.

“Remember those walls that we called sin and shame? They were like prisons that we couldn’t escape. But He came, and He died, and He rose…those walls are rubble now. Remember those giants we called death and grave? They were like mountains that stood in our way…but He came, and He died, and He rose…those giants are dead now! his is our God, this is who He is, He loves us. this is what He does, He saves us. He bore the cross, beat the grave. Let Heaven and Earth proclaim…This is our God, King Jesus! Remember that fear that took our breath away? Faith so weak we could barely pray…but He heard every word, every whisper. Now those altars in the wilderness –Tell the story of His faithfulness. Never once did He fail, and He never will.” This is our God – Phil Wickham – “Come let us Worship” “Oh, the perfect Son of God, in all His innocence, here walking in the dirt with you and me, He knows what living is. He’s acquainted with our grief. Man of sorrows, Son of suffering. The blood and tears, How can it be? There’s a God who weeps, There’s a God who bleeds. Oh, praise the One, Who would reach for me. Hallelujah to the Son of suffering — Some imagine You are distant and removed, but You chased us down in merciful pursuit. To the sinner You were grace, and the broken You embraced. And in the end, the proof is in Your wounds. Yes, in the end, the proof is in Your wounds. Blood and tears, How can it be? Sing hallelujah to the Son of suffering. Hallelujah! Your cross, my freedom, Your stripes, my healing, All praise King Jesus, Glory to God in Heaven. Your blood, still speaking, Your love, still reaching. All praise King Jesus, Glory to God forever. AMEN and HALLELUJAH

Greg Laurie was conceived outside of wedlock, how is that God’s plan? Mary Magdalene was chosen as a prostitute? Greg was seeking purpose through art, music and drugs. God moves through people that are willing to use the talents He assigned to open hearts to the TRUTH. Listen to Greg’s story and then take your family to see the movie “The Jesus Movement”. If you were born in the 50’s or 60’s you will enjoy the music, the laughter and the tears. Be Chosen

Greg Laurie is a pastor today, and he came to know and follow Jesus in the middle of the Jesus Movement that was featured in TIME magazine in 1970 and in theatre’s in 2023 “The Jesus Revolution”. Sunday March 12, 2023 the message was “Joy in Pain”. “Pain is God’s megaphone to rouse our deaf ears.” CS Lewis — The word of God spreads through those who have suffered much and yet shined like an angel through the pain. Just like Stephen, we are people full of power and grace. We are of great value to God. People with faith have deep roots — that spread out and erupt through hearts of cement. The Holy Spirit infiltrates to cause hearts to blossom regardless of their pain. We in fact “Consider it all joy” when we find ourselves in a hard spot – because we can count on Jesus, He is there with us, He never departs from us. — As a visitor from Mexico, I so enjoyed the spirit filled message of HOPE in Richardson, Texas with Bobby and Sue. My family of God never shrinks, it grows.

“He who has ears to hear, let them hear what the Spirit of God is saying.” We must cancel all the other voices in order to hear from God. Get alone with the King of kings and read a passage of Scripture. Close your eyes and ask “Lord speak to me, tell me what You want me to hear. My heart is tuned into what You are saying.” AMEN – Deeper surrender brings us into real, authentic worship, praise Him for the word He gave you. When we gladly give up our ways to adopt His better way. the Holy Spirit in us, will prompt us, and as we obey, we shine His light in this dark world. March 12, 2023 message entitled “Joy in Suffering”

5 thoughts on “A Jesus Revolution

  1. I’ve been pondering this post for a while now and I think I finally understand what Greg Laurie means. He’s talking about the difference between belief in God and not belief in God. If you believe in God, then you are against him. If you don’t believe in God, then you are for him. I think that’s a really important distinction to make, especially in today’s society.

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    • Not sure 😕 I received a similar revelation from Pastor Greg. Pondering is always fruitful. I’m now enjoying a Bible Study based on Season one of the Chosen. Comprehending the width,height, circumference and depth of God’s love ❤️ has me Pondering that His way is certainly not our way.


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