Blood Panel Proof

Ben Azadi, Keto Kamp Founder

Ben Azadi tested the benefits of the Lion way of eating, otherwise known as Zero Carb or Carnivore for forty days. He spent $3,500 USD for a full blood panel before and after. Prior to KETO, Ben was obsese, insulin resistant, a diabetic with a metabolic disorder. Watch all video’s on this post, then read comments and THINK about changing your way of eating, even for just a month. Ben Azadi, Dr Pompa and others agree that ONE WAY of eating will set you up for failure. WHY? Because God created a variety of people, He gave us 4 seasons, He colored us differently and He knows our MIND and our GUT needs VARIETY. If you are sick, if you are not getting better, read all comments on this post to learn more.

See Ben’s bloodwork

Follow Ben on YouTube or Instagram. He has helped thousands of people get healthy. I follow Ben, Dr Anthony Chaffee, Dr Berg, Dr Shawn Baker. None of these guys prescribe medicines, only dietary changes. How do you lower your insulin? Stop eating carbohydrates, vegtables and fruit. Listen and learn, do your research and Click here A Lectin Impact

IDEA from TOM: buy $70.00 food sealer, IVATION 6 tray dehydrator, default temprature 160 F, a NO brainer to store supply of dried fatty bacon, beef patties. Track in a food diary if what you are eating is not working. A Biblical view of muscle testing discussion from Amy who has lymes disease. LIFE ON EARTH is NOT all there is. Resurrection Sunday April 7, 2023. The GOOD NEWS is that our bodies will be changed from a corrupted body into an incorruptible body. 1 Corinthians chapter 15. But while we are on earth our Father equips us with information we need to thrive as we serve Him. Sharing testimonies. or Yucca@meatqueen on Instagram

Roar like a lion when you decide to do what is best for you. My current GP, Cardiologist and my kidney Nephrologist have been replaced because of their lack of nutritional knowledge. Dr Ken Berry, Dr Anthony Chaffee, Dr Shawn Baker, Dr Berg and Dr Paul Saladino charge me nothing and I never need an appointment to listen to what they suggest. The PROPER HUMAN DIET for me is high protein, fasting, and a variety of veggies with occasional treats. Paul attended school to find the root problem of disease and his extreme exema. Paul was vegan and his organic diet did not help rid him of weeping exema. LISTEN TO ALL, it will start at 9:00 minutes in to address ANXIETY caused by Inflammation.

Allergies, cancer, auto-immune disease, dairy sensitivity, heart disease all come from inflammation. Dr Berg explains at a pace and tone that makes learning easy. Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth – SIBO listen to Dr Pompa on YouTube.

Dr Ken Runyan, a Nephrologist blogs his blood panel results on KETO as a type 1 Diabetic.DR RUNYAN QUOTE “I am motivated to continue my current lifestyle as a result of having witnessed firsthand as a physician for 28 years the consequences of poorly controlled diabetes. If my mentioning these realities of poorly controlled diabetes motivates you to adjust your lifestyle habits to improve your glycemic control, then I will have served a purpose.” CLICK LINK for Dr Runyan journey.

New scientific evidence about the right amount of EXERCISE to become the best version of yourself! This conversation will astonish most people. Five minutes, three times a week. Walk slow for 2 minutes, run for 10 seconds, sit down and breathe for a few minutes to get back into resting heart phase. REPEAT once more. IMPORTANT to NOTE: More is NOT better! Watch and put this BIO HACK by DAVE ASPRY in your weekly routine and measure your results. ‘Work Smarter NOT Harder”. A link to click when you want to celebrate your VICTORY on KETO/CARNIVORE Keto Breeze

4 thoughts on “Blood Panel Proof

  1. Labs from one year ago ❤️
    compared to a year on Carnivore

    TTL cholesterol – 17 pts
    HDL up + 10 points
    LDL – 25 points
    Triglycerides – 113 points

    From April 18th 2022
    To April 10th 2023

    Dr Anthony Chaffee
    Metabolic Syndrome healed

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