Lakeside Visitors

30622382010_f65b6ef730_bWe love having visitors!  There is so much to see and do.  One favorite excursion is taking a boat ride from the Chapala pier to Scorpion island.  Mexico also annually celebrates the victory at Mezcala island.  Artisans showcase their jewelry, paintings, crafts and delicious pastries at the local, weekly farmer markets.  The news paints Mexico as being extremely unsafe to visit.  This FAKE NEWS did not prevent our first brave visitor, Marge Hoyle age 83 came in faith!


Margie and her son, my happy husband Mike in 2016

Mike July 4 2016.jpg

American Legion 4th of July 2016 – Wayne and Andi moved here from Louisiana

Margie returned the following year to see our new casa.  Then Rudy and Grace came for the annual Feria de Maestro which features indigenous artisans who circle our mountainside. Rudy and Grace were born in the United States, however, they were fascinated by all the strolling Mariachi’s.  This sister and brother couple loved staying at


Boat ride off Chapala Pier – 8 people cruise for 30 minutes $250 pesos

Villa San Francisco which faces the Chapala Malecon. Rudy is a Mexican musician and he has already planned his second visit.  Jay and Barbara came within three weeks of her retirement and they also enjoyed their stay at Villa San Francisco.  Bus trips are organized at the Lake Chapala Society for excursions to the famous Guadalajara Zoo, concerts and Charro Baseball games.  Mexican Baseball

2014 zoo

Guadalajara Zoo 2014

Lakeside is only 3.5 hours away from Manzanillo beach in the State of Colima.  Puerto Vallarta is a 6 hour drive from Lake Chapala.  There are fabulous restaurants in Ajijic, San Juan Cosala, San Antonio, Riberas, La Floresta, San Nicolas and of course Chapala.  All these little villages circle the lake and are within 15 miles from our casa. 15025159_377626409242581_3712431376017517143_oEnjoy the best cappuccino at Cafe Paris in centro Chapala near the Mercado while strolling Mariachi’s entertain you.   Jocotopec features the famous restaurant row!  About 20 different eateries offer all kinds of savory dishes.


Noah’s Ark in Jocotopec

Click this link for a lengthy list of fine dining at Lakeside.

16179398_411581002513788_2237993302368426065_oWonderful street art is located along each malecon ( board walk )

Jocotopec, Ajijic, and Chapala.


Enjoy a walk or picnic at Christiana Park in Chapala

Mike Mazmit 2015Short day trips to Mazamitla, Mezcala and Manzanillo!



Link to more facts about living as an Expat at Lakeside


Annual FUN DAY at the park with the boys from “Hope House” orphanage

Clean teeth – $20  + Tooth filled – $30 Porcelain.
Doctor’s office visit including EKG – $40
IMSS Health insurance $300 annually ( no pre-existing conditions )

Electricity CFE – $30 for two months ( with solar )
Propane gas for cooking – $3O per month
Water for drinking – $8.00 per month
Property Taxes $150.00 annually
Internet + Netflix  $35.00 USD per month

Premium gasoline – $3.18 a gallon
Wash auto – 40 pesos $3.00
Lubricate auto, change oil and filter – $22
Car Insurance – 31.00 per month

Basic house cleaning (4 hours) twice a month $36.00 USD

Basic hair cut 150 pesos – massage 350 pesos


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