Vivero Care in Mexico

34357457150_6166b860a4_bExpats who choose to live in Mexico are probably seduced into moving here permanently because of the year-round kaleidoscope of beauty and color offered by all the blossoming trees and plants. Those who came from northern climates are astounded by the sight of spring bulbs and fall chrysanthemums blooming in gay profusion at the same time. Visitors mexican-shell-flowerfrom the arid plains are enthralled by the sight of towering jacarandas, poincianas and tulipanes loaded with brilliant blossoms. At times we wonder “what is behind that beautiful wall of vibrant flowers?”  No Mexican home, no matter how tumbledown or ramshackle, is not without at least a few tin cans planted with flowers. Home gardens are filled with them, market stalls blaze with their color and shrines and altars are lavishly decorated with them. We have the pink power of Bougainvillea, several types of Palms, Geraniums, Plumeria, Hydrangea, Star Gazer Lilies, Gardenia, Crown of Thorns, Lemongrass, Cactus, a lime tree, and a variety of succulents.

34609541460_c735b1d696_kThe owner of Vida-Verde specializes in fertilizers and treatments for mites, worms, ants etc.  I brought her this picture of our lawn with the circles of brown spots and she recommended Miracle Grow mixed with a powerful hot pink granule that kills the worms that create the circles. Dutifully with absolute confidence, wait for the sun to go down then sprinkle on lawn and then water deeply and generously.  After the initial soaking of the lawn, she recommended watering the lawn, flowers and palm trees every other day, even in the hot months.  Herein some pictures taken of Chapala Golf Club on Father’s day 2017 which reveals the color and the green green grass. Read on for what to apply for ground worms or hard soil.


Going for the green at Vista Del Lago


May 2017 dry spots? Shown to Vivero and discovered it was ground grubs

34997311005_2b3aac6807_h.jpgVida-Verde sold me the SOLUTION for ground grubs

and gloves is a must when treating the garden with pesticides.


Blue granules to put in pots of flowers as bugs eat the roots.


Viva Verde mix of ground grub solution mixed with grass fertilizer



One packet of CYNOFF mixed with water.  Spray outside and inside to kill scorpions.

34157434654_481474b13f_k.jpgLawn mowed short, raked, poked to aerate and apply grub/fertilizer mixture and water deeply.  Applied after 6 PM on May 30, 2017 and the heavy seasonal rain pounded the mixture right in.  Yahoo thank You God! 34858055442_451bc13b09_bMay 31, 2017 after soaking in the pesticide and Miracle Grow – The Verde Green near 711 told me to give brown patches time. Place rich potting soil on top, water it in.  The fresh dirt and Miracle grow turned my brown grass vivid green.


Treatment for worms worked. Got the GREEN I wanted!

NOT harmful PEST control
CUTTER ant long term solution
VINES indentified

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