Fascia Facts

17714528-athletic-male-human-anatomy-and-musclesA herniated disc in the neck (cervical spine) can cause numbness, weakness and pain in the neck, the hands, chest, or shoulders.  In my case my left pinky and ring finger feel like they are loaded with a dentists Novocain.   In some cases a large herniated disc in the neck may cause weakness or unusual tingling affecting other parts of the body, including the legs.  Luckily I chose to get Myofascial Release, at 4 Aspects of Healing before I needed surgery.  Erin and Michael Dixon are not JUST massage therapists, but both are trained technicians of Myofascial Release.  Erin is certified U.S. Nationally and State certified LMT since 2003 and both maintain ongoing continuing education. The Dixon’s are passionate about healing and prevention.  This hands-on technique involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue.  Not always comfortable, but highly effective!  There are many satisfied customers living at Lakeside.


Picture of Fascia

Fascia is a web-like system of connective tissue that spans throughout your entire body.  It wraps around and compartmentalizes each of your individual internal body parts…muscles, organs, bones, nerves and blood vessels. Fascia keeps all of our structures separate and allows them to move freely between each other through movements.  Fascia provides support and protection, and it is involved in every movement you make, and every injury you have ever had.  When fascia is healthy it is smooth and slides freely, which allows for easy, unrestricted movement.  Unfortunately, fascia can get tight just like our muscles. Many things can lead to this tightness, and thickening of our fascia.  Lack of activity of an area can cause your fascia to ‘lock down’, and become almost cement-like.  A good example of this would be after having shoulder surgery.  Most often post-op, the arm must be held in a sling, and not be moved for an extended period of time.  Fibers of fascia are continuously laid down in this area of injury.  Once the area has healed enough so that movement can occur, it is sometimes too tight, and painful for the person to move the arm.  The fascia


4 Aspects of Healing office in San Antonio, Jalisco, Mexico

has just become too thick, and restricted.  This particular condition is called “frozen shoulder”, but it can happen anywhere in the body if we restrict movement. Overuse, repetitive motions, and chronic stress can also cause tightness in the area due to increased fibers laid down in this ingrained pattern.  Adhesions within the fascia can form, which can be painful and tough to get rid of.  Inflamed vertebrae, and/or surgical procedures create Myofascial restrictions that can produce pressures of approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch.
4 Aspects Healing & Wellness – San Antonio (in between the Avacado Club and Sunrise Cafe off the Careterra.) Erin Dixon and Michael Dixon trained Myofascial Therapists.   Schedule your appointment for a consultation:
Website: www.4aspects.net
Email:  fouraspects@hotmail.com
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Cell phone:  (045) 331-691-7567
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ATTENTION ALL MEN:  Consider how much you spend on the annual maintenance of your car.  Oil change, suspension alignments, tune ups, wash, wax, rotate tires…WHY?  So the engine, transmission, or pistons won’t sputter and suddenly stop working.  650 pesos per session is a little more than $30 USD – To keep you teeth free of cavity you brush, to keep your BODY in balance, get realigned with Myofascial Therapy, get a body tune up at least every 6 months.   We all age, and our bones, fascia, muscles shrink up, tighten up and cause us to get out of alignment.  The goal of myofascial therapy (MT) is to stretch and loosen the fascia so that it and other contiguous structures can move more freely. For this reason, MT is sometimes referred to as ‘myofascial’ maintenance.  It promotes independence through correcting body mechanics and movement. It effectively enhances strength, improved flexibility, and structural balance of hips, shoulders and the proper function of all connected mind/body parts.

WOMEN PAY ATTENTION:  I’ve been sinking in energy since Sept 2016.  Dressed up, held functions, attended church, hiding what I thought was a depression due to family losses.  Positive hoping gave me a few good days, however, I ignored the restless nights, the loss of enthusiasm, and my longing to be alone, isolated from people.  Keeping something planned ahead of me, I booked a cruise to the Caribbean, but the JOY of the Lord was suffocating by my secret fear of chronic depression.  When my husband took off for a Mother’s day 2017 adventure with his mom, I went to the doctor.  I hid my fears from my husband as I did not want him to cancel his month long trip.  God prompted me to visit a friend with cancer, and in June 2017 He led me to learn of the truth, my depleted hormonal condition, then a herniated disc in my neck ( which did not hurt, the only discomfort was numbness in my fingers )  If you ignore the signs that your body gives you, if you ignore the inner prompt from the Spirit to seek help, it can be too late to restore feeling in your limbs.  I earnestly prayed, “Lord, if plantar fasciatis is my thorn in the flesh, if I am to serve You by sharing the victory through blogging HOPE for other mother’s who have lost a child, then give me strength to endure it all, then allow Your power be made perfect in my weakness.  Give me Thy strength Lord Jesus.” I thank God for my husband’s patience, and for the prayers of my church.  In September I fly to the USA to pick up the glandulars which will rebuild my flattened endocrine system.  I am slowly getting better. Praise my Lord & King Jesus!🙏🏽 I look forward to the day when I’m fully healed. All glory belongs to my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. TIRED all the time?Read about thyroid, endocrine system, and glandular help.  Hysterectomy Hope

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