KETO Chicken Salad

avocado-chicken-salad-method-1-600x400Freshen up your tastebuds with a satisfying dish of Avocado Chicken Salad.  A wonderful and colorful bowl to serve up at a garden party! The Keto Lifestyle does not lack variety! Expect an applause from your tastebuds and friends. The ingredients are simple and the taste is scrumptious!


  1.  One chicken
  2.  One red onion
  3.  One lemon/lime
  4.  Balsamic glaze/vinegar
  5.  Four avocados
  6.  Two stalks of celery
  7.  Eight strips of bacon
  8.  One bag of spinach
  9.  Pepper/ and or salt free herbs
  10.  Coconut oil


Boil the chicken.  Fry the bacon.  Chop the celery, onion.  Shred the chicken into your pretty serving bowl. Add chopped veggies.  Add sliced avocado.  Add chopped crispy bacon.  Add as much spinach as you like.  Toss with pepper, squeeze lemon, drizzle some Balsamic glaze or vinegar.  ENJOY!!!

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