KETO Steak Dinner


Steak or a pork chop grilled with guacamole and bacon rinds

The truth is that with just a cup of KETO COFFEE in the morning, I had the energy to bake some KETO BAGELS and make a KETO Broccoli Salad to serve a party of seven with either KETO CROCK CHICK or a steak, or pork chop.  For desert we will all enjoy — without guilt a slice of KETO Valentine Cheese Cake. As we ingest tons of calories and fat on this plan, we have effectively and safely turned our bodies into fat burning machines. Does that sound to good to be true?  Well then — see the book pictured below.  Available at AMAZON.  Read about how science is catching up with the Bible and what is heart healthy~ eat real butter!  Burn fat by eating fats! Google “The Shepherd’s Diet”


LURPAK is the finest REAL butter in Mexico.  Available at Wal-Mart – To further convince yourself, or that loved one that has heart issues…read the book below


Ken, Dawn, Jerry, Janeace, Francisco, Mike, Barb (7) a great number for a Pre-Valentine’s Day feast! Francisco brought the butter, Dawn brought bacon rinds and Janeace brought her appetite!

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