Keto Inspiring Peeps

36579000_674477302890822_5043773145882820608_oSeriously, these before and after pictures motivate me to STICK with The Shepherd’s Code AKA KETO LIFESTYLE. There are thousands of fantastic success stories out there!  The several benefits of NOT having that pasta, that sugar cookie, or the soda pop helps keep me on track. Increased JOY, higher ENERGY, renewed CLARITY as brain fog is lifted, ease of MOVEMENT without pain, soft SKIN, blood pressure STABLE, stylish zip up CLOTHING, sound SLEEP, and of course the MELTED fat!!!   Linda walks dogs for exercise, Sue lifts weights twice a week, Dawn remains active volunteering with physical labor and now I CAN TOO…DO ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me. This beautiful woman has an amazing story and she has stuck with KETO for the past 17 years and has maintained a 134 pound weight loss while traveling, while mothering, while adjusting to a new life in a new country!  Her story and the many other testimonies and recipes online keeps it real, while pictures reinforce “my reasons” to “KETO ON” !!!


Hey y’all these are my 9 week results! 29 pounds down 🎉🎉 I’m so excited I feel like I’ve lost way more with the way I feel — WOW 29 pounds of fat melted away on KETO.


BPC bulletproof coffee, lift weights, eat meat at 4 pm, REPEAT! Listen to the podcast below to the Australian lassie who dropped 100 pounds eating once a day – only after her body got FAT ADAPTED!  Whaaaattt? Fat adapted when pee stick is purple, in other words when your body has adapted from burning sugar….you are in KETOSIS…then do intermittent fast.

29512784_10212060345646760_2071780200795161615_nThe nurse in the picture above is a cancer survivor. ” I began the KETO Lifestyle in May 2017 at 183 pounds and I was wearing size 18’s.  My weight now is 118 pounds and I wear a size 3.  I started at 35% body fat, now down to 18%.   I’ve had many slip ups but I always get back on. Diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I am also a thankful cancer survivor 🙏✊ I had a hysterectomy in November 2016 due to cancer. Everyone and anyone can do this.” Give your body time to get FAT adapted.  Google “KETO” and spend time educating yourself on WHY your choice to go “KETO” is a healthy choice!47545-love-1john31

My faith increased that God will enable me to “finish well”.  My journey includes the damage done to my hormone, adrenal and thyroid by a long ago hysterectomy, however, my body has melted fat like a hot furnace, in month one, slow but sure the scale finally registered 10 pounds gone for good.  “NEVER GIVE UP” is my gallery_2087_179_3887motto and commitment to regain my health! I have cleaned out my cupboards and acquired a few new cooking and baking utensils.  The truth is I have never been much of a cook or kitchen gal.  It is definitely cheaper to eat out in Mexico and we have a slew of fine dining restaurants.  The Skinny Guy on Facebook has motivated me with a ton of posts about all the ways he has found to eat KETO at fast food restaurants.   Youtube, Pintrest, and Facebookers all post a continuous blast of yummy recipes which I have borrowed and reposted here on WordPress.  Those recipes have been tried and proven to be tasty in my kitchen. Click this link to some savory choices COOK with KETO Coach


Watch her video WOW KETO Habits and Rewards


Add some weight lifting with machines at a local gym.  Listen to this POD CAST about the woman who WAS a diabetic and since KETO lost over 100 pounds. One hour podcast, copy this link.


One year on KETO 125 pounds of FAT gone


Asian food junkie? KETO Chinese BBQ Pork


What, you mean I can have KETO SPICY CHILI


In six months without starvation or deprivation KETO Mexicana Relleno


After reviewing these pics and more recipes, with NO COOKING, this is my meal for the morning and afternoon.  Seriously NOT hungry on KETO, but I stay busy researching.


BPC for breakfast, not hungry till 4PM daily KETO bulletproof COFFEE


After correcting her insulin resistance “It took a year to loose 104 pounds! The scale has been stalling for a month, but I’m still at it. I also know that I cannot go back to my old WOE, for health purposes, carbs were literally killing me.  Left is after 6 weeks on KETO and a 40 pound loss, the picture on the right is at 11 months and at a 104 pound loss.” No more knee and back pain!



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