KETO Mung Soup

20200123_131847In honor of what category gets the most LIKES, I am posting a new KETO Soup recipe inspired by friends in Mexico. Once a week I work in the kitchen at a local orphanage with Corina, the authentic cook who measures nothing! This chicken soup recipe will morph into several different dishes. One of my other instructors for Chinese cuisine is a young local artist named Sacha who turned me onto the MUNG BEAN STRINGS – which morph into Italian, German, and Mexican dishes.  With ZERO calories, fat and sugar, these MUNG BEAN noodles are perfect for KETO or Plant based enthusiasts.  A HUGE SHOUT OUT of THANKS to all who are following “Living Abroad” !!! What a thrill as a writer to be followed by 500 other scribblers from around the globe. Living Abroad in Mexico I get to read and connect with fascinating people worldwide, and that is BIG FUN for me! My personal Category tabs of interest include Poetry, the Word of God, Short Stories, Travel and Diet Choices.


2 pkgs of chicken breasts
1 white onion
1 fresh garlic pod
1 small poblano pepper
2 Tablespoons of Mole
4 tomatoes
Salt to taste
1.5 Tbsp Stevia to sweeten the mole
1.5 tbsp coconut flour to thicken mole
3 bundles of Mung bean threads (1 Pkg contains 3 bundles)

SOUP BASE FLEXES INTO VARIOUS FLAVORS with your favorite Bouillon base

FIRST STEP: Boil for one hour: all chicken breasts in big pot of water. Add 1/2 poblano pepper, all but a few cloves of garlic. Let it boil for 45 minutes then…..
STEP TWO: Cut up 4 tomatoes in large pieces, add 2 cloves garlic, 1/2 poblano pepper place all in blender. Add a 1.5 cups of chicken broth from pot and blend.
STEP THREE: Deep pan brown onion in Sesame oil till transparent. Add blended broth mixture to deep pan. Add 3 bundles of Mung bean threads. Stir and then add another cup of boiling chicken broth and boil for 3 minutes. Cover and let steep. DONE with Oriental chicken soup. (You may want to use kitchen scissors to lift and cut string mung beans for easier dishing) SEE below: Chicken with sweet mole sauce over Mung noodles.

Chicken with sweet mole sauce over mung bean noodles. #1) Add 2 heaping tablespoon mole from jar to 1 cup boiling chicken broth, plus 1 tbls almond flour or coconut flour into blender. Add 1.5 tbls Stevia and blend. #2) Drain chicken broth into pan add 2 mung bean pods and boil for 3 minutes. #3) Pour boiled noodles into serving dish, lay chicken on top. Pour thick and creamy mole sauce over chicken.  YUMMMY


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