My sister joined my KETO journey two years ago. While I got distracted with writing a book, she was faithful and has now sent me her 2020 results! Scientists report that 80% of the population is deficient in Magnesium which regulates energy, digestion, and nerve transmission. A person following the KETO DIET falls short of their daily requirements for Magnesium. This could be a cause of the KETO FLU. If you take a Magnesium supplement and get diarrhea, then cut back a little. Milk of Magnesia is for constipation. Mag supplements are not harmful, so just play with the dosage that is right for you. I personally take 800 mg a day. The cramps in my legs went away and my toes used to get stiff for short periods, that symptom went away. There are several types of Magnesium, do not get the cheaper citrate. I take Glycinate and Malate from Amazon. Take at night, it helps sleep. too.

I also take “PERFECT KETONES” to boost my ketone levels, to get into ketosis, which is when I am burning fat. This product also claims to prevent KETO FLU when people get off track.  Our body makes ketones when we reduce sugar and carbs, but this gives our body a boost in making ketones. There is a lot of evidence that keto helps with memory and Alzheimer’s. They think Alzheimer’s is correlated to Diabetes and they are calling it Diabetes 3. For those who follow the rules of KETO (no starchy veggies, no fruits, no sugar, no potatoes, no rice, no chips, no bread) it is important for us to use MCT oil. Simply add with balsamic vinegar as salad dressing, add to FAT BOMBS, Keto coffee pods. MCT oil is a derivative of coconut oil with the best parts of coconut oil. 82797143_1455589367951575_1716394262922264576_nMy friend John’s memory was failing, and MCT oil is helping him. This KETO testimony is from my sister who started KETO in January March of 2018.  “I’ve been keto for nearly 2 years now. My weight is stabilized at 133-135 (my goal). My blood pressure is 105-120. My eyes are no longer dry. My triglycerides are at 53 and my HDL is 105 (perfect). However, my LDL cholesterol went through the roof. I wasn’t worried because of all the science I’ve seen on YouTube, especially with regard to seniors. I went back to my doctor and she was also concerned. The CDC test of my heart was taken to be sure that the elevated LDL was not harming me. Elevated LDL is usually an alarm for a cholesterol or plaque blockage. My test result shocked the doctor and me. At age 69, after two years on KETO I have ZERO plaque in my arteries! Doctors in the US are starting to come around, but they still have been indoctrinated to the old paradigm on cholesterol and fat. The other benefits of losing weight, higher energy, and my brain fog being lifted are all credited to this SAFE and EFFECTIVE KETO way of eating.

2009 sistas

Sister Mary, Carefree, AZ


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