Auto Immune Disease

Sharing some gathered wisdom here! Auto Immune Disease is a condition in which the body’s immune system MISTAKES its own healthy tissues as an invader and it attacks our bodies with rashes, pain, inflammation. Most autoimmune diseases cause inflammation which is the root cause of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The parts of the body affected depend on which autoimmune disease a person has. Common signs include fatigue, fever, muscle aches, joint pain and swelling, skin problems, abdominal pain, digestion problems, high blood pressure, allergies and swollen glands. The symptoms often come and go and can be mild or severe. Doctors treat symptoms, they do not ask what are you eating.

Can I live on meat only? Why are there two opposing camps of science on the benefits of protein? How about potential vitamin deficiencies? How did the government come up with the RDA anyway? After 50 years of taking vitamins and curious about nutrition I thought I knew what was best for me! Looking at a CLOCK and all its parts. With all the springs, screws and cog wheels, which part of the clock keeps time? A single piece does not make my brain work, or my clock tick. Carnivore is not a last resort for me, I am mostly healthy, I simply want to be the best ME that I can BE.

Listen to this interview of a woman who was never told to eat meat to fix a variety of severe medical problems. Amanda had arthritis, anxiety, a binge eater, a carb addict diagnosed with fibromyalga, depressed, auto-immune disease, in constant pain at age 18. Amanda worked as a physical therapist and is interviewed by Dr Shawn Baker, orthopedic surgeon. Keto helped, mild improvement but she began using almond flour and binging on Keto treats with fake sugars. Amanda went on carnivore on June 28, 2022. She gave it her ALL by cleaning out fridge and cupboards. Binge shopped meat at Costco. Bacon and eggs, pot roast, steak, hamburge. After strict Carnivore no more food binges. Without restriction Amanda ate as much meat as she wanted. In 9 months has lost 105 lbs.

Removing vegtables, removes inflammation, which fixes my gut issue and my allergies. I have stocked up on beef, steak, pork chops, fish, and eggs. Auto-immune disease disorders are rampant in the medical community. The solution offered by the medical society is medication to mask the symptoms. Dr Kiltz graduated from UC Davis, California and he suffered with bleeding in his bowel, Chron’s disease and kidney stones. After trying carnivore for 3 weeks, all his aches, pains and diseases went away. All humans need a certain amount of good cholesterol and FAT. Zero Carb

Dr Anthony Chaffee, a neuro-surgeon is 43 years old, he has always been an athelete and he had been carnivore since age 20. Many atheltes are carnivore because of the energy they get. God bless us all as we get our minds saturated in the truth. READ the COMMENTS below each of the YouTubes. Ben had low energy as a diabetic. Get your Questions get answered.

Dr Ekberg has his own opinion of Carnivore. He seems to think that zero carb, or carnivore are only for people desperate to lose weight. WRONG – people who want to perform at thier peak, also eat meat only. Always good to hear both sides.

Do what you works for you, but listen to the NEW wave of DOCTORS who agree that CARNIVORE is the way to recover from disease and to feed your body and brain all that it needs with MEAT.

6 thoughts on “Auto Immune Disease

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  2. 5:31 Take seeds out of cukes. Oxalates are little crystals cause urinary tract infections, kidney stones, leaky gut, joint pain, IBS. LECTINS increase auto immune disease. Gluten is a lectin that it lines the stomach. The seed and the peeling of the fruit or vegetable has lectins. Get a biz card to give to waiters: HIGHLY Allergic to gluten, sugar, vegetable oil, almond flour, almonds, peanuts, peanut oil, grain, wheat.

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  3. USE SEA SALT AND PEPPER safely. Focus on herbs and spices that are lower in heavy metals. These were black pepper, coriander, curry powder, garlic powder, saffron, sesame seeds, and white pepper. That doesn’t mean that every brand of these herbs and spices is low in heavy metals, because we didn’t test them all. But it is easy to find low-risk versions of them. CONSUMER REPORTS ARTICLE dated March 2023.

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  4. DR ANTHONY CHAFFEE APRIL 2023 THIRTY DAY PURIST CARNIVORE CHAT ON TELEGRAM: Teresa “At the pathologist waiting to get my blood test done. I’ve been strict Carnivore since March 18, 2022. On Dec 18, 2022 I had my last bloodwork. Minus 1 meal of chicken (not my food thanks to the inflammation it gave me) this test will be pretty much clean Lion Carn bloodwork. I have Hashimoto’s (high antibodies) as well as inflammation from other things. Hopeful to see good results because no change on the scales. A year plateau, but will get dexa scan too. 🍀 Whilst I will NEVER eat another plant or OXCELATE food again, I do want to see a panel improvement.
    Crossed fingers, toes even my eyeballs 👀 😂🙏

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  5. Dr Anthony answers all questions. Hey @everyone, today is day 1 of the April Carnivore Challenge.
    It’s really important you get your meals right from the start. Go for FATTY meat. You want to get 70% of your calories from fat which is 50/50 fat to meat by weight. This is NOT a restrictive program. Eat as much fatty meat as you can or want to. Give your body loads of nutrition and let the fat, meat and ketones sooth your body and mind. What does your day of eating look like? We are all here to support you so make sure you check in regularly. Good luck, you’ve got this 😀 Dr. Chaffee and Simon.

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  6. ❤️ Resurrected from the dead by a KETO diet. Lost 30 pounds, no longer insulin resistant or pre-diabetic. Energy at age 71 is like I’m 21. Roaring like a Lion on a 30 day Carnivore way of eating to clear up allergies, mental fog and anxiety. Thanks to so many health pros all their encouragement and TRUTH

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