Amuse or Use Me

imageIs He the greatest Show on earth?

Can we consider the Life in us as…

an Amusement Park?

Are we truly here just

for a fun ride?

Is He who is “in me”…

the Sacred One…

who inhabits the praise of His people?

Is He not the greatest Treasure —
one can obtain on earth!

My body is a temple of

the Holy Ghost…

that I may boast,

of the Power I humbly host!holy_ghost_wide

For He who dwells within me…

Speaks deeply,

with all Authority…

as the prince of the air,

evaporates in silence,

without a trace of influence!

Yes I can laugh at the days to come,

as I stand in the VICTORY given…a ch yellow dress

by the only One..

who set me apart,

from the very start,

For His will to be done!

Who is that?

Copyright © 2019 by Barbara Alley Hoyle.

All rights reserved.

Inspired by a poster at Pancho’s Deli 11/5/19

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