KETO in Mexico

27625334_1804278636260958_17258326240268058_oYes you can rock KETO in Mexico! We have a few local nutrition outlets at Lake Chapala, Jalisco. You can purchase almond flour and coconut flour at two different outlets. Next to Gossips at the Granery, and next to Telmex at Laguna Plaza. You can also enjoy Chicken organico-vs-convencionalKabobs at Panino’s and now on the menu at Trip’s Burger a “NO carb Burger” with grilled onions, tomato and their special mayo sauce! You can purchase sugar free chocolate next to “Gloss Nails” at the yogurt shop and also in Ajijic at “The Granery”.  We also have the new “Panchos” market that has coconut flour and other specialty items including fresh veggies. At Lakeside we enjoy a Farmer’s Market in Chapala on Mondays and Wednesdays in Ajijic. Tuesday there is also a “Natural Food” fair in West Ajijic. The price of fresh veggies and great meats at Walmart and other local butcher shops is way superior to most places in Canada and the USA. Today I enjoyed a Trip’s no carb Burger and a Cafe at Black Coffee. A new ice cream maker will be put into use with recipes that my sis shared from Arizona. I thank all who have clicked in and liked my variety of KETO recipes! The before and after pictures shared online always keep me motivated, and I encourage everyone to “Keto On” and get ready for some beach fun this summer!27500260_1804278626260959_2829314846561968844_o

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