Want Wisdom?

Have you ever wished you could have the right words to speak? Have you wanted all the wisdom you need, on the spot, when you need it? Even though I have read a lot of books, attended seminars, listened to podcasts, watched how to video’s — with all that information stored in my brain — I still want and need the purest of wisdom daily to make healthy choices that will honor God. Our Father deposited in us the Holy Spirit for His purpose. The work of the Holy Spirit in us, transforms us, moment by moment. Change does not happen overnight, it happens as we surrender more and more. The evidence of the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in me has been recorded on a long thanksgiving list! The small subtle changes in my attitudes, in my preferences, and choices — never has it been as dramatic as Saul being changed into Paul, but nevertheless, I am different NOT because of the information I have collected, but by the Wisdom and Purpose of God Almighty.

I have been changed from a little girl who thought her voice did not matter, into someone who blogs unashamed of what she thinks. Once I was so shy that I would never walk up to someone and boldly introduce myself, now I greet strangers with a smile. I used to pause before giving my 2 cent opinion, now I am a woman who speaks up for what is right. I have been changed from someone filled with such anxiety that I had to ride face down in the backseat of a car, into a person who is anxious for nothing! The Holy Spirit continues to work in me, to make changes in my behavior and thought patterns. He is ever present and always at work to refine me, so that I can fulfill the purpose I was saved for. These changes have been gradual and progressive as I surrender more and more to His absolute authority. With that written testimony, the conversion of my soul, occurred within the miracle of a moment, and that was the moment I accepted Jesus as the Lord of my life.

My co-operation continues to be required in order for any beneficial change to take place. I must make daily choices, sometimes moment by moment, to trust in Jesus and obey His Word. What is the filling of the Holy Spirit? How can anyone be filled by the Holy Spirit? Anne Graham Lotz gave this analogy. IMAGINE that I have invited you into my home, but before you arrive, I scurry about to make sure the rooms you enter are tidy. My living room, dining room and kitchen were prepared for a guest, but I would be embarrassed if anyone opened my closet and saw the mess. My bedroom is considered private and access is off limits to visitors. In other words you are welcome to come into my home, but you are not free to be at home — to look around, to go into the attic, or down in the basement. The same can be true of the Holy Spirit, we can invite Him to come into our lives, but with certain restrictions.

We can refuse the Holy Spirit access to any sensitive areas that we close off. You know, those areas cluttered with old dusty habits of selfishness and sulking. There could be an attic filled with bitterness, unforgiveness, anger which overflows out of dusty boxes that fill the air with a toxic odor. If we want to experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s transforming power, we MUST open every door, every hidden box and invite Him to cleanse us, forgive us, and fill us with Himself. Did you know that our THOUGHTS grow and emit photons, which is an energy of LIGHT or DARKNESS? When God commands that we hold every thought captive, it is for a good purpose! One absolutely marvelous fact about the Holy Spirit is that He can fill a small or giant vessel, an old body or a young one. A poor person, or a rich one. He has filled the educated, and the ignorant. He has transformed beautiful people and plain folks. However, as a HOLY and perfect God, the Holy Spirit cannot fill a dirty soul, or anyone who has unconfessed sin. Our sins are what blocks Him from fully entering us, to transform us, or to really use us. The Bible says “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James 5:16 — Confessing to each other? The Holy Spirit confessed His commitment to never leave us, and the Holy Spirit is waiting to hear your confession.

Confessing a bad attitude, or that we stretched the truth, or spoke ill of another person – this may be necessary daily. Keeping a short account with He who knows all, and sees all – is vitally important. We can easily fill up the attic, the basement, and the garage with things that need to be thrown out – in order that we remain in accordance with God’s word. When we open the door to the restricted areas of our life to the Holy Spirit, His light floods the room and we breathe in fresh air with prayers of thanksgiving. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the courage to open that box of guilt or shame. The Holy Spirit helps us to sweep our minds, hearts and brain free of the tangled thoughts that keep us from inviting Him in. If He sees us cluttering up our thoughts again, He will gently prick our conscious that we confess again. The truth is the Holy Spirit is our HELPER and He works for free. So invite Him in to help you clean up any mess you have been avoiding. Brain Sweep

Keeping the FAITH gift unwrapped —and in use is a big part of fighting the good fight. It is a battle in the MIND to keep our faith aggressively fighting against thoughts of fear, anxiety or failing God. He is always on our side and speaking to us. When we listen and obey GOD, we WIN by keeping our MIND of CHRIST focused on His Word, His Way, and His faithfulness. When we feel weak or in pain, we lean on His life sustaining Word. God created us for His purpose. We bring Him glory through how we trust Him in every circumstance. We push forward with persistent FAITH through the valleys and challenges —and we arrive in stride with the One who abides and guides. Faith was NOT given to us in order that we can take it easy and let God handle it. Faith was given to equip us to do our part. We all have a job to do. The God of the universe has His plan to prosper us as we rise up, show up and boldly step out in FAITH saying “We Got This” The We part is He who is in Thee. ❤️

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