Deep Sleep

Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe 🙏 Who brings forth bread from the earth and wisdom and courage to all who ask. Thank You Father for this day and for all Your lavish provisions. You alone are trustworthy and I trust You wholeheartedly. Resting safely in Your loving arms, Thy comfort keeps me warmed like down feathers is a dust of snow. Adonai, my steadfast Lord, ever at watch, You dictate my dreams. The Holy name of Jesus is above all names, kings and principalities. Thank You for the guarding angels and for bringing Scriptures to mind that I may experience visions of Thy glory as I rest. Abba Father, now bring sleep to my eyes and a restful slumber to my soul. AMEN Slumber Sweet

❤️ So the Lord God caused His beloved to fall into a deep sleep. While sleeping, the Lord removed all that was broken. Genesis 2:21

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