In the Quiet

outdoor-afternoon-013Our souls resonate with the quiet, with the absence, with the invisible.  Enter into the rest ever present.  Renew your mind with quiet beauty.  Open your heart to the sound of stillness, and listen purposefully for the soothing voice that confirms “all is well” .  Enjoy a deep conversation in which God responds to thy heart condition.  When the best questions remain unknown…. His living Word reveals all answers.12744443493_528a1ca4a5_b.jpg

Instead of  asking God. . .

  • “Where are You in my storm?”
  • “How can You bless me today?”

Ask God. . .

  • “Tell me that story about how You healed, renewed, restored…?”
  • “What is Your favorite psalm and why?”
  • “How can I be a blessing today…?”

d250bddc50d8cbb9b8ad033a938f69ff All distractions ignored in the place of a calming, restorative quiet.

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