Started in Nov 2017 – got off, went back on The Shepherd’s Code version January 2018!

A new way of eating will sometimes throw your body into revolt. Nausea, headaches, acid reflux, lethargy….but that is all a good sign because your body is making necessary adjustments to a new LIFESTYLE. The keto “flu” is a function of low salt. KETO FLU REMEDY Upping the salt intake prior and throughout the initial period will alleviate the “flu”.  Be courageous and stay strong. Watch the Shepherd’s Code video at bottom of this blog post. Research new recipes on TSC closed group support, or simply google KETO! Respond in FAITH “Through Christ I can do all things”.  Fight back with positive activity. Shop and fill the fridge with what you can eat.  Purge cupboards of bread, crackers etc.


Make bagels with real butter KETO BAGELS

“But I can’t cook!” Anybody can fry Bacon, make eggs, dip bacon rinds in squashed avocado. Boil brussel sprouts, fry a burger, ham, or steak.  WHOA aren’t those healthy foods more expensive? Yeah, but we no longer buy junk, we eat less,  and we are full longer… The expenses seem to equal each other out… and we are worth every penny! ASK God the Holy Spirit for help, renew your mind and KNOW that “I AM A WELL PERSON”.  Eat fat to lose fat.  All is well within thy soul. There are so many great recipes CLICK here  COOK with KETO Coach My chant is “I can do this” because I rely on the Holy Spirit to help me make good choices. My energy rises day by day and my health is restored, praise God! To eat pork or not to eat, that is the question….Pork is a personal choice. Some folks eat it and others do not. Jesus said, ” A man cannot be defiled by what he puts in his mouth, it’s what comes out of the mouth that indicates the condition of the heart !” Also, when Jesus died on the cross, He nailed the law to it. Therefore I follow Jesus and life gets better!“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”


Mexican food KETO Mexicana Relleno

If you find you reach a plateau in you weightloss (more than 2 weeks and the scale does not budge), try 12 to 15 grams of protein per meal. Excess protein converts to sugar in our bodies! ALSO, purge your cupboard and fridge of all sabotage foods.   Make a shopping list to include:  real butter, almond flour, eggs, heavy whipping cream, bacon, eggs, onions, garlic, heavy cream, berries, balsamic vinegar glaze, zucchini, chicken, pork chops, avocados, bell peppers, celery, hamburger, lettuce, horseradish, sausages, dark sugar free chocolate, cheese, almonds, walnuts, Bragg’s Amino Acids, Parmesan cheese.  Have FUN!  Be creative! FOCUS on what you CAN have!!! Recipes COOK with KETO Coach


Get a slow cooker. Put food in, walk away.  Make it easy KETO INDOOR BBQ

ENJOY a variety of foods, and AVOID fast foods and watch all videos below!


REPLACE ORANGE JUICE with unsweetened Tea and NUTS for snacks.




Green and bacon KETO SPROUTS


Dark Chocolate melted in microwave with heavy whipping cream KETO Crave Satisfaction

27750283_587404508264769_6743531970823508742_nMORE RECIPES COOK with KETO Coach

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