Inspiring Peeps

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My son Jason

The one person on earth who taught me the most about love, laughter, and friendships was my son Jason Newell. Over many years we did many diets together. The last one was pure juicing, without munching any foods. In his first week Jay lost 20 pounds! Jay now dines with the King and all the other royal saints in heaven. My sister Mary has also inspired me in many ways! She remains very active as she was very successful on the KETO plan. Then there is my eternal sister in Christ, Lori who lost over 50 pounds in 8 months and cleared up a variety of medical issues on the Plant Based Way of Eating.  It was Lori’s amazing transformation before my very eyes that got me to investigate the Whole Food, Plant Based plan. Lori turned me onto Chef AJ. The below pics shows AJ on the Johnny 2019 Lori BarbCarson show weighing in at over 200 pounds. In 2019 Chef AJ weighs 117 pounds. Her favorite is Dr. Greger and others. NOTE: Only eat when hungry. Eat volumes of veggies. Eliminate as much fat as you can. Drink lots of water. Weigh yourself once a week and make adjustments to achieve goals.  Enjoy fruit, use spices when preparing food. Start with an onion, add what veggies are available. Eat potatoes cooked up in air fryer or instant pot. Enjoy sweet spuds, soups when hungry. Lori has regained such confidence on her journey and I am so proud of her. We also have been inspired by the Holy Spirit, to be the best we can be, not to impress anyone, but so that we can do all that He plans for us. For Thanksgiving 2019 Lori has planned a full banquet of healthy choices for her wonderful family.  All her children “call her blessed!”

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