KISS Depression GoodBye

before-after-weight-loss-face-transformation-141-5a2a4f18dd373__700Happy woman, full of robust energy and health!  She is NO LONGER depressed because of her choice to say NO to sugar! As a diagnosed pre-diabetic, researching the scientific proof myself was a wise option. We live in a time of a lot of misinformation politically and nutritionally. As the medical industry CDC, the WHO and the AMA seek a profit, the health of citizens remain at risk. Humans strive to be happy, healthy and off meds that are prescribed to manage diabetes, heart disease and our moods. The ketogenic diet has been shown to improve glucose metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes or people at risk for it. A top Cardiologist report on KETO for patients with heart disease. Link to the truth in the comment section. Low-carb eating plans are recommended by the American Diabetes Association, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes and several others. The Keto diet requires a reduction in carbs which reduces Insulin Resistance. The Keto diet increases fats which has been proven effective. A conventional low-carb diet typically calls for 25% or less of daily calories from carbs. A quicker control of insulin resistance calls for a ketogenic diet that requires less than 10% of daily calories to come from carbs. Chicken, fish, meat, avacado, some veggies. Read/click all links within the article in the comments.

Watch YOUTUBE testimonial about how EATING MEAT changed Brett Lloyd’s life. Brett was an angry, overly medicated, depressed husband for over 22 years. He lists all the prescriptions that doctors and psychiatrists had him on. ALSO, after Brett’s testimony, listen to the research by an Australian Psychiatrist, Dr. Georgia Ede. Over 300 million people in the world suffer from depression, the #1 disability in the world. Dr. Georgia Ede is a psychiatrist who highly recommends a high protein diet to feed the brain what it needs to recover and function properly. She presents the science that provides people with the evidence to eat meat. Check out what Dr Ede has to say about the Plant Based Diet. Her study of the human brain confirms what it needs.

Dan Quibell

Hear how Dan recovered from severe Gout and other health disorders

Listen to this EX VEGAN tell his life changing story when he became a Carnivore. He definitely chose to  K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple Silly. People are responsible for what they choose to eat and their health. Today there are a lot of conflicting messages about plants, carbs and protein. Normal people tell about their Carnivore experience and the common trait is EAT 2 POUNDS OF MEAT daily. For me CARNIE keeps my choices easy and I am in the kitchen less. KETO peeps and Carnivores are satiated with fats and proteins, and cravings disappear. It is very important to truly understand INSULIN RESISTANCE. These doctors explain it easily. Reverse Resistance

before-after-weight-loss-face-transformation-200-5a2e5fef19231__700After a month of adjustments in the body, many find intermittent fasting easy because hunger is not an issue. Dan Quibell is the man who undertook “The Bacon Experiment” where he ate nothing but bacon for an entire month. He lost weight, his gout was gone, his blood panel improved on all levels.  Dan is a former vegan,and fruitarian.  Dan no longer takes medications. 🌷 LISTEN TO PODCAST

February 25, 2020 – Leading Scientists Agree: Current Limits on Saturated Fats No Longer Justified! “unprocessed meat, have a relatively high saturated-fat content but show no association with increased cardiovascular risk. ” LINK TO SCIENCE ARTICLE:


  • Butter – Mixed with herbs and spices – Meat drippings
  • Bacon – Keep stash of bacon bits
  • Egg – Keep a dozen hard boiled eggs in fridge for emergencies
  • Dips – Mayo, Mustard, Sugar free tomato/BBQ/Sriracha/horseradish
  • Herbs and spices – salt, pepper, vinegar, lime, chili/garlic powder
  • Pork Rinds – crushed – Xanthan gum to thicken sauces.
  • Cheese – Slice hard cheese (limit cheese and dairy) milk is okay
  • Sour Cream – Mix with horseradish and pepper to dip meat in

Yecca Aaron Eatmeatqueen carnivore coachYecca chose to live in her van rather than stay in an unhealthy relationship. Her unhealthy relationship with food ended when she began the CARNIVORE WOE. Without being criticized for her food choices, she ate 2 pounds of MEAT daily and kept HWC Heavy Whip Cream on hand to gulp if feeling deprived of tempted. Yecca has published a few cook books and now works as the first Female Carnivore Food Coach. She encourages people to experiment with what foods work for them. Yecca keeps on track without counting macros. She simply listens to her body and eats when she is hungry until she is full. She OVERCAME her childhood reputation of being the “fat kid”. Her interview on the Carnivore Podcast will inspire anyone who is beginning this WAY OF EATING journey. Be inspired to BE YOU on CARNIVORE 🌷Be happy and eat more meat!

There is SCIENCE and PROOF for whatever you choose as your preferred WAY OF EATING (WOE) So I say ENJOY your way. WHY I CHOSE ZERO CARB: Zero sugar cravings. zero bloat, zero gas, increased energy, decreased joint pain. OMAD possible at 2 pm because I am NOT hungry. NO longer tempted by cookies, cupcakes or lectin/oxalate packed veggies. Coffee with HWC is my AM breakfast in Mexico. I bought the Ebook and discovered that Paul Saladino is an evolutionist doctor who wrote the book ‘Carnivore Code’ . This guy compares the human anatomy to a plant based diet eating ape. Apes are herbivores who eat almost all plants, they also digest bugs to supplement.  A zero carb diet healed Paul Saladino’s severe skin condition while he was in medical school. The ultimate truth is NOT based on this doctor’s biased research! The Truth is that God created us. The Carnivore Code is mostly based on this doctor’s belief in evolution. ZERO proof of his theory for me, but I am glad that this doctor believes in using food to heal the gut. Clik first pik to view slide show with comments.

CARNIVORE MADE EASY no counting macros, or weighing food. A carnivore diet is ONLY animal products. Red meat, pork, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, cheese. ‘Carne’ in Mexico means beef. Carnivores eat meat, and no plants. Omnivores eat fruits and vegetables, but they can’t eat grasses and some grains due to digestive limitations. Herbivores eat herbs, plants. *RARELY, but when this Carnivore gets BORED, the Herbivore in me digests a bit of guacamole and salsa! From Mexico con mucho Amor, Gloria a Dios. Ears of the Heart

Hadi Doumit carnivore chef keto weight loss transformation dietTESTIMONY from a guy who lost 191 pounds in one year. His doctor handed him several prescriptions to keep him alive. He wondered into a gym and asked a fit looking guy what to eat. He was encouraged to eat more PROTEIN. He chose to NOT fill the prescriptions because he wanted to see what changing his diet of fries, chips, and sodas would do. Without any exercise for his first year, this CHEF began eating more meat on Keto, then he slowly became a Carnivore. After one year his Doctor did not recognize him. He went from a young dying man to a healthy guy in one year 🌷

1) Decreased Inflammation. Fewer aches and pains. Carbohydrate-rich foods increase inflammation which is the basis of all heart disease, joint problems, tummy distress. Olive oil, or vegetable oil increases inflammation.  The extra collagen from protein sources will also improve cartilage health.

3) Increased Testosterone. Healthy fats are responsible for optimal hormonal function, including testosterone. Large amounts of healthy fats and protein expect increase in muscle mass, strength, and energy. The increased fat will regulate your hormones.

4) Mental Clarity. Increased focus, energy, and mental clarity. Your fuel source is fats, not sugar. Ketones have neuroprotective properties and the brain actually prefers fats for energy over carbs.

5) Less Digestive Issues. Science verifies that fiber causes digestive issues. A study conducted in 2012 found that reducing fiber intake in people with chronic constipation experienced relief on carnivore. Symptoms;  gas, bloating, and strain go away. Carnivores use magnesium supplements to get regulated. After about a month, bowel movements become normal without fiber, veggies, fruits. Zero Carb

ZERO CARB vs LOW CARB as lined out by the Diet Doctor. ZERO CARB is CARNIVORE.

NOTE:  READ THE COMMENTS ON THIS POST. Red meat and eggs contain ALMOST every vitamin and mineral a body needs. iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin B, vitamin D, protein.  Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium are the only supplements that carnivores may need. Maintain electrolytes with salt and water consumption.  Check with your DOCTOR before you change your diet. Every BODY is different. Final picture in this grouping testimony ” After 20 months of Keto-Carnivore: if I can do this anyone can. Listen to podcasts and stay committed. SW – 375 pounds – CW – 195 pounds. Was 56″ waist to a 36″ waist. Size 4XL shirt to a large. No surgery, No cheating, No excessive exercise, No more diabetes, No more high blood pressure, No more joint pain. Clik to enlarge.

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  4. There is TONS of INFORMATION out there for all who STRUGGLE. The EMMERICH Team does NOT recommend fasting longer than 24 hours if weight loss is the main goal. Doing a Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) is a better and healthier option in that case. WHEN YOU STALL in WEIGHT LOSS, incorporate PURE PROTEIN DAYS, which is ZERO CARBS, and simply 30 grams of fat to keep healthy hormones activated. This PSMF fast forces your body to burn excess stored body fat because it increases the THERMO affect. It takes about 25 % of the protein consumed as FUEL to burn fat as an OXIDATIVE priority. YOU can GET the EMMERICH book for more science behind this way of eating. The EMMERICH TEAM have published several KETO cook books and a CARNIVORE cook book.

    You can get many of the benefits of longer fasting with PSMF. This video by Dr Phinney is great for understanding the negatives.

    The only situation where we recommend fasting longer than 24 hours is for serious chronic issues like Cancer where being in an catabolic state may be helpful.


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  11. Top Cardiologist report on KETO. ❤️


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