Feeling a little yucky, dizzy? Drink celery juice. It is very high in vitamin K which promotes general GUT HEALTH, gives strength to bones, it purifies your blood,it is highly detoxifying, it is an anti-inflammatory, and it promotes heart health. Because of celery’s diuretic properties (high water content) and the fact that it contains magnesium, and potassium, it may help those with KETO FLU or reduce high blood pressure. Watch both videos on this post. CHEERS!Humor does a body good as well as electrolytes! The KETO lifestyle will cause your body to go into shock as it adjusts to the new foods. It needs extra electrolytes and in Mexico I found a product that does not contain sugar.  Eliminate or minimize the KETO FLU by adding more sodium and magnesium citrate.  The following is a list of the


Take two Magnesium Citrate before bed to relieve KETO FLU and CONSTIPATION

ingredients for the JAMAICA flavored drink “Electrolit” sold at Wal-Mart in Mexico.  The BETTER NEWS is that this flavor tastes like KOOL-AIDE without the sugar! Do NOT drink Gatorade to replenish it is full of sugar. Sodium is an essential element of the sodium-potassium pump in cells.  The balance of sodium is essential for the correct distribution of water in the human body. The kidney is the main regulator of the excretion of sodium. Potassium is the main intracellular catalyst and is essential role in many physiological and metabolic processes.  GET SOME REST, DO NOT GIVE UP !!!27336484_10155487676063883_499008411475094603_n


On bottle is 625 ml (2.5 cups) – Caloric content: 20 calories per 100 ml  ( 1/2 cup)

Each 100 ml ( 1/2 cup) of Pharmaceutical solution Electrolit ( Mexico )contains:

Sodium chloride …………………… 12 mg

Potassium Chloride ………………… 149 mg

Calcium chloride ………………….. 30 mg

Magnesium chloride …………….. 41 mg

Sodium lactate ………………….. 314 mg

Glucose …………………………….. 5 g

Electrolit Serving  ……………..  ( 1/2 cup)



Humor is a GOOD thing!  Laugh

6 thoughts on “KETO FLU REMEDY!

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  3. Get clear of why you are choosing the KETO lifestyle…shining skin? Vibrant energy? Good health? Disease prevention? The ability to watch your kids or grandkids grow up? Get clear and write it down and every time you’re presented with an opportunity to choose a way of eating or living to help get you closer to your goal, think about it. Pause and feel into why choosing the healthier path is going to serve your highest goals.


  4. AMAZON product “KAL” brand Magnesium Glycinate 400. Testimonial on AMAZON “I started having AFIB issues (non-valve related.) Okay, I take Sotalol (Betapace) to regulate my heart and I take other heart meds too, mostly to thin my blood and control blood pressure. When the Sotalol stopped working, I was having AFIB episodes pretty frequently, having to call the squad, use oxygen, go to the emergency room, and so on. My cardiologist (at the Ohio State University Hospital) wanted to stick me on Tikosyn, (a bad drug as far as I’m concerned because it’s linked to a lifetime commitment of going back to the clinic to adjust the dosage and you can’t just go off it or you’ll have violent withdrawal.) There’s also a lot we don’t know about the drug so it is a last resort from my view.

    By pure chance, someone mentioned Magnesium tablets to me. For the heck of it I read a lot of testimonials online and, to my surprise, many people with similar problems as I have ended their AFIB with Magnesium. I re-read the literature online and landed on *this* product, Magnesium Glycinate 400 mg, which I take twice daily, religiously. That was four months ago and I have not used Oxygen nor had an AFIB episode since. My regular physician encouraged me to partake of this experiment because it was cheap and easy. I changed nothing else in my meds (continuing the Sotalol) and added the Magnesium. Success! Since my experiment, my doctor is telling all his non-valve AFIB patients about it because it *might* work for them too. I have experienced no side effects from this product.”


  5. INFLAMMATION 2nd Testimonial on AMAZON for “KAL” brand Magnesium Glycinate 400. “Magnesium Glycinate is definitely the most beneficial of the different types of magnesium for inflammation. I herniated and tore my L5-S1 about 1.5 years ago and my back doctor recommended I get the Glycinate, as it works the best. He was correct. There has been a couple times where I run out for a few days and I truly can tell the difference. Since Magnesium Glycinate isn’t sold in most pharmacies it’s less convenient to purchase. Amazon has made this process so much easier for me, also this product was the best I could find for the money/quantity when I started taking it originally.
    I most definitely recommend this product!”


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