TIPS for MEAT Eaters

It is fascinating how adding flavor keeps us on track. Depending on your personal intention for eating mainly MEAT, some of these TIPS won’t compliment your goals. This TIP post will continue to grow as I learn how I can personally ENJOY LIFE while regaining my health on KETO/CARNIVORE. images (7)

HOMEMADE MAYO RECIPE: Two room temp eggs, five grams lime/lemon juice. 1.5 grams of salt, five grams of water. Place all ingredients in immersion blender. Add Tablespoon of MCT oil, or coconut oil. BLEND. 1 USA cup of oil is added gradually while blending. Choice to add the flavor of mustard.  Mayo keeps for 2 weeks. TIP: Drizzle first 1/4 c. of oil, do it very slowly. So slow you get bored. OTHERWISE over emulsify and waste ingredients. Using  IMMERSION blender is a MUST for best Mayo. $15 USD at Wal-Mart .

84692434_10219954480389084_1230994599774781440_oIf you suffer with IBS or any other digestive, elimination problem I found lots of information online. An ALL MEAT DIET eventually will remedy all that ails us, especially the GUT!  If you suffer with IBD or IBS, the simplicity of Carnivore diet: EAT MEAT, EAT WHEN HUNGRY, EAT UNTIL FULL. However, flu symptoms may appear as your GUT heals. We go through a SUGAR withdrawal during adaptation. People experience brain fog, diarrhea, bad breath, stinky urine, headaches, cramping, tiredness, cranky moods, insomnia. IT IS IMPORTANT to hydrate, drink water and add salt!  A diet change causes our body to undergo major metabolic changes. Our fluids drop and our kidneys remove sodium, which removes water weight. Our body then processes the last of the glucose before switching to fatty acids. As we lose sodium, we lose electrolytes. Use Sea Salt on your MEALS. Our GUT takes time to adapt and so we can expect additional GI issues with your usual IBS or IBD symptoms. Drink some Bone Broth during this phase as we also lose potassium and magnesium. Read the labels on any Magnesium supplements, look for starch additives. People also find relief with Kombucha.

20200203_062047-COLLAGETenderize meat with PINEAPPLE and SALT! Yeah I know fruit is NOT Carnivore, but i don’t eat it, i simply tenderize meat with it. The benefits of Pineapple are amazing! It naturally reduces inflammation as it tenderizes tough cheaper meats. Cut up a pineapple, place in blender, salt the meat, then spoon the pineapple juice on top of meat, roll up, place in fridge for 1/2 hour. Next – remove from fridge, rinse off the pineapple and salt, let it lay out to get room temp, then cook it. TOUGH MEATS become sublime! DO NOT USE store bought tenderizers. THIS is NOT for the Strict Carnivores, but for those who need to reduce INFLAMMATION which is the cause of all heart disease. GOOGLE benefits of pineapple and I dare you to give it a try! PINEAPPLES are loaded with antioxidants. The enzymes ease digestion, helps reduce risk for cancer, boosts immunity, suppresses inflammation, ease arthritis. USE ONLY ON THICK CUTS of BEEF. I used on RibEye steaks and they fell apart.

imagesI am 68 years old and I had a hysterectomy at age 23. My hormone balance is a factor for enhancing my water with cinnamon. The truth is that water just gets boring! So I add the great properties of cinnamon (not tea) to my daily hot or cold cup! Hot cinnamon water keeps us more than hydrated. Purchase cinnamon sticks, place them in the top of any coffee maker. Pour 12 cups of water thru the coffee maker. When done take sticks out of the filter section (no filter needed) and place them in the hot water pot. Let it steep for 20 minutes, and pour yourself a wonderful cup of HEALTH! Cinnamon Is Loaded With Antioxidants.  Cinnamon Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties.  Cinnamon May Cut the Risk of Heart Disease. Cinnamon Can Improve Sensitivity to the 20200131_114619Hormone Insulin. Cinnamon Lowers Blood Sugar Levels and Has a Powerful Anti-Diabetic Effect. Insulin is one of the key hormones that regulate metabolism and energy use. It’s also essential for transporting blood sugar from your bloodstream to your cells. Today people who came to the KETO plan or the CARNIVORE way of eating have struggled with losing weight because they have been resistant to the effects of insulin. This is known as insulin resistance, a hallmark of serious conditions like metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. The good news is that cinnamon can dramatically reduce insulin resistance, helping this important hormone do its job. Once it steeps, I also fill a pitcher full and place fresh cinnamon sticks in the pitcher and place it in the fridge for a refreshing afternoon drink.

20200203_064931 (1)Seems like a NO BRAINER, but keeping BACON BITS in the fridge HELPS when you are making a MEATY snack. I fry up a whole package of bacon, but first I use kitchen scissors to cut it up before placing in the pan. For dinner I will use the bacon fat in the pan to cook up a Rib eye steak. Some days I need just a little more something, something…ya’ll know what I mean. OMAD is easy because I am not hungry, but one favorite snack after a steak is to place about 6 pork rinds on a plate, add a few chunks of your favorite cheese. Zap in the microwave for a minute, then sprinkle a handful of bacon bits on top. You can consider this a side delight, or a desert. YES, that is a cup of coffee, with heavy cream and a splash of MCT oil.  One cup keeps me from eating till 2 pm daily. Again, we do what works for us.

Menopause WomanThe hard truth is that “Meno PAUSE” female bodies pause with most attempts to lose weight. Since my hysterectomy at age 23, for years I had difficulty sleeping even 5 hours per night. Exhaustion was my way of life. Some women take a Grass Fed Kidney supplement sold on Amazon (pic above)Women claim that their hot flashes disappear by taking the Kidney supplement. Since I DO NOT like the taste of liver or kidneys, the benefits of a supplement for me are perfect.  Friends who knew me before my BHT implant say “WOW” you have incredible energy. Before BHT in retirement, for my batteries to recharge I had to isolate in my comfy casa for days before I left home once or twice a week. In Mexico I am able to afford Hormone Replacement Therapy. (BHT)  My doctor treats many of my friends age 65+. I go to Dr Aceves in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico every 6 months and I sleep like a baby as long as I take extra Magnesium. You can access lots of great information from Dr. Aceves website on hormone HRT.

20200203_124442I love the accountability of recording my weight monthly. I began investigating CARNIVORE in January 2020.  I was impressed with the NSV and weight loss victories posted!  Personally I struggled with bad digestive issues on the Plant Based WOE.  After adding MEAT back into my diet, my goodness life returned in me. After 2 years of trying various solutions to my weight gain and health issues, on Feb 1, 2020 I jumped into CARNIVORE! The scale DROPPED six pounds over my first three days! I use a FREE APP called “Weigh My Diet”.  A little RED scale shows up on my smart phone and I can look at my progress while at lunch with the girls in Mexico. It keeps me saying NO to the abundant fruits and fresh veggies in Mexico. When my weight begins to stall, I will put my scales away for a month at a time. A few of my Non Scale Victories (NSV): My energy after three days is UP, UP, UP.  My bowel movements got regulated to once or twice a day (TMI) maybe, but ladies we all know how healthy it is for us to ELIMINATE foods that bind us, or aggravate our digestive system. On the Plant Based Diet my tummy blew up. Gassy and irritable, all those raw veggies and fruits actually plugged my system up. This is being recorded for my BENEFIT and also to motivate people to track their weight along with any slight NSV victories which will KEEP us all faithful to our commitment to get HEALTHY in 2020.  Women everywhere challenge yourself and experiment with cheese, no cheese, spices, no spices. Enjoy your journey and KNOW this truth: “WE GOT THIS” !!!

For Valentines Day 2020 I am making this for my sweet husband. Shrimp Alfredo


Keto for 2 years, Plant Based for 3 months.  Will update as I shrink into a healthy, vibrant MEAT EATER! 🙂 UPDATE: Feb 3, and I am down 6 pounds! Wisely, hiding the scale till March.


5 thoughts on “TIPS for MEAT Eaters

  1. Yes, I am losing 1.5 or so pounds every day. OMAD for me only because I AM NOT HUNGRY. Not MACRO counting, just eating till I am full at about 2PM daily. The Rouladen was fantastic. I did not use onions, but i did cut a flat dill in half 🙂 I joined a CARNIVORE group on Facebook of women in menopause. Great information and encouragement. My body just cannot handle cheese, or veggies. NO MORE GAS for me, and that makes my life more comfortable. I will be posting updates on the TIPS for MEAT HEADS as I shrink. Love ya SIS and I am so proud of your results on KETO.


  2. This Eat Meat Queen lives in Texas and has a cook book that includes cheese and egg noodles. Hello! My friend @mscarnivore reminded me to do a reintroduction post so here I am! I’m Yecca! 👋 I came to the carnivore diet almost 3 years ago looking for a way to heal my candida and hoping to lose weight. I tried all sorts of natural and nasty pills, creams, powders to heal my candida and nothing that completely healed it. 💃 Other previous symptoms I had before Carnivore (that I was not trying to heal because I thought that’s how it was going to be for the rest of my life) are: debilitating joint pain in my tailbone, hip and knees that would lock up at times to where I couldn’t move for a few mins or walked with a limp, brittle nails that always peeled and broke with dry skin around the edges, tiny muscles, depressed, I had attained this weird flat red dot on my nose, black circles under my eyes, slept 9-12 hrs regularly, no libido, daily brain fog even though I ate healthy fats like coconut oil and butter, hated my relationship, hated my job and for some reason one of my eyes was starting to turn brown from being mostly green! 🍖 You bet every single one of those issues resolved itself with this way of eating and more! I have become more spiritual, more giving, more loving to myself and in turn to others and I have a drive to help so many people since meat has given me my life back! 💖 Since starting this FB account in 2018 I would have never thought I were to meet so many really awesome genuinely cool people! Nor did I think I was going to create my own COOKBOOK or become the first ever female certified carnivore coach! 💞 A few personal things about me that I love – I love GOOD comedies and action movies. I’m artsy – I love painting, clay sculptures, drawing, you name it. Creating is in my blood! I love cooking and serving others. I even enjoy washing the dishes! Yecca


  3. Eat Meat and spice it up. If you miss noodles check this out from the Eat Meat Queen Coach. Missing noodles on carnivore? Well look no further! These are the most simple noodles you could make! Check out #meatrx for the full recipe!! 👇 These taste and feel like THE REAL DEAL!
    Remember, if you’ve been wanting to try carnivore or have been doing keto/carnivore, but miss food items.


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