Our Vintage Vehicles

Penned with a giggle – Our personal vehicle’s lifetime warranty will wear out way before we get to glide through any midlife crisis. We all gather a few dents in our fenders, and a few wrinkles in our upholstery. Our sense of humor increases as our facial creases grow deeper. Our wisdom expands as we humble ourselves and admit we do not have all the answers. Our ability to choose battles gets fine tuned as we simply respond “I don’t know”. Over time we find it easier to “be still and know God” as our capacity to get up and run diminishes. Today I am renewing my final passport with excitement. My next passport photo will be minus the spots, scars and wrinkles. I will be looking just like Jesus as I roam the universe wearing my one-size-fits-all GLORIFIED BODY – the best travel vehicle on the market.

Slow cooking in the crockpot of time, we laugh and enjoy the wait because we can’t remember why we came into the kitchen. Our instinct for knowing who is worth our time, flourishes like weeds in our garden. We just pluck and toss em without an ounce of remorse. We can live happy forever in the realm of “even if” which stamps out any fear of “what if” because we do most certainly chill in the Palms of who holds our future. It is wise to NOT fuss too much about my road mapped plans cuz nothing so far has turned out according to my predictions. 2022 marks my 71st year on this spinning planet 😜 and the next few years seem to promise a wilder ride. So I’m gonna hold on tight and expect “the best is yet to come!” Pick a car that would give you the best thrill from this slide show of classic beauties. Imagine LIFE as a RIDE at the carnival – then laugh at the days to come.

Mrs. Hoyle penned with a giggle

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