Shrink Club

We get stoked and trust that this way of eating is it! We sweetly tweet all that is working, and we are silent when the scale breaks. Lets talk about faith, the kind that you can see. Think about the faith you have when you jump on a plane! We certainly expect to arrive and thrive. YES, but when we experience turbulence, we question. When we direct our great faith in our Commander, we get His best. What is life’s best medicine for you? Let’s hear from JJJ a sizeable man of faith!

JJJ was a deacon in his church. He drove the bus, he taught Sunday school and was in a men’s group. As a divorced man size 6 X, as he sang in church, his body began to sigh and cry out. For 11 years his sugar levels topped 300. In 2021 he heard a voice and prayed. His addiction to fast foods injured his body. He knew in his spirit that he needed help. He surrendered and obeyed the voice so that he could become who God built him to be. JJJ began believing in the man in the mirror. When he was eating chips, pizza, donuts and drinking juices — his circle of friends never critiqued his diet. JJJ was judged by his size, but not his hungry heart for the WAY of truth.

When JJJ, a church going, Bible reading guy started taking care of his temple, he got criticism. His Doctors debunked Keto, but he felt compelled by God to try high protein. Taco soup was his first recipe. Listen to this faith filled testimony. JJJ put his diabetes in remission. A great podcast to encourage HOPE that all things are possible with God. JJJ talked about Weight Watchers, and the best part of that program is the community – not the counting, but the sharing. A FREE APP called Clubhouse gives you the community needed to stay on track and be inspired. But, IF you are Carnivore, Keto, Baptist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, or a Vegan and your program is working for you, then GIVE GOD THE CREDIT for the FAITH that He gave you. Wake up and tap into the gratitude for having another day of grace and mercy. The finish line for ALL of us is at the feet of Jesus. “A dead man can’t make no sound because he is in the ground.” Be the champion God created you to be. Jonathan Jerome Johnson is on the Clubhouse app. Unbreakable JJJ. He is such a breath of fresh air on this podcast herein – LISTEN to the end.

It has been a thrill on foot in Texas to scrunch though dried oak leaves, chase squirrels and turtles who hide from my camera! On Wednesday March 15th I enjoyed a DQ burger, then bravely began a 65 hour FAST at 7 PM. No food, just water and herbal tea Thursday, and Friday. Then on Saturday Ron and Bobbi are helping me BREAK my FAST with a WHATABURGER in Plano, Texas! Take a peek of the slideshow below and delight in what you will discover while FASTING. People are watching us from around the globe, so we rise up and shine to bring glory to God. “Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. For you have need of patience so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised.” Hebrews 10:5-36 Put your trust in GOD and walk in His ways. Fasting Fun

2 thoughts on “Shrink Club

  1. Began a 65 hour FAST on Wednesday March 15 at 7 pm. (5 hr) Thursday (24 hr) Friday (24) Saturday (12 hr) break FAST Saturday at noon. Enjoy a lunch at Ojeda’s or at DQ in Plano, Texas. Slight headache Friday morning, but the Holy Spirit cleared my head. Reading Workbook “What does it mean to be Chosen?” based on Season one of the Chosen Series. WOW 👌 many AHA moments as the Holy Spirit testified to my spirit.


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