KETO Support Buds

My sister and my husband are my “go to” buds for support! Sister pics from 2012, 2015 and 2017 offer us both encouragement for how much YOUNGER we feel as a result of the KETO lifestyle.  We both began taking the journey seriously in March 2018.  After a year of the KETO way of eating, my body rejected the fat intake. It has worked very well for my sister. Every BODY is different, and you must do what works for you.  My sis was diagnosed as “borderline diabetic” and as a cancer survivor, minimizing carbs and sugar is wise!  We had a blast shopping to KETOIZE her pantry and fridge!  My sister posted on Facebook Keto Kooks page her “60” day results on May 12, 2018. “Non-scale victories (NSV):

1. Cellulite gone!
2. Dry eyes much improved
3. Skin much improved, smoother and less dry
4. No spring allergies this year (so far)
5. Hair is not dry or brittle
6. Plantar fasciitis — gone!
7. Alert — energy skyrocketed (no brain fog)
8. Lost 2 inches in hips, 2 inches in waist, 1 inch in thighs
9. Appetite is suppressed! I never thought I would get to a point where I would forget to eat! Better than any drug or snake-oil vitamin on the market. No cravings for bread, chocolate, French fries, etc. This is amazing.”


Blueberry muffins and English Tea Keto Abbey Muffins


2 thoughts on “KETO Support Buds

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  2. “Lighten Up” a weight loss group meets weekly at La Bodega in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico every Thursday from 10-12. We weigh in (voluntary) and visit until the actual meeting/topic begins at 10:30. That runs for about an hour. We’re generally done about 11:30-11:45 am depending on the topic and questions.


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