Keto Your Kitchen


Adding flavor, without temptation, check all your cabinet labels and shop for the ingredients for your favorite “go to” recipes like “Asian Crack Slaw” KETO Crackalickin Good

Out with the old and in with the new BODY and KITCHEN! Out of sight, out of mind, and outta HERE! In order to be successful with the KETO Lifestyle, a person MUST get the physical kitchen ready for MENU items.  BENEFITS: better energy, lower blood pressure, better sleeping, fewer allergies, oh, and of course losing weight.


Easy KETO Antipasto – 60 oz cheese + 60 oz ham + pork rinds + almonds + horseradish mustard dip  – NO COOKING, easy.  LOG meals in an app, or in a food journal until you get the hang of it.  THIS MEAL is ONLY 2.6 carbs + 17.4 fat + 30 protein + 288 calories.

Keep it simple and duplicate the success of others, learn from their mistakes, listen to podcasts topic KETO – so much information to keep your brain saturated with truth. A good motto to chant silently “NOTHING tastes better than KETO”.


Make a mug bread sandwich KETO Breakfast Choices


Make cheesecake muffins only 2.5 net carbs each KETO St Pats Mint


Give yourself TIME to get “fat adapted” KETO How It Works


Eat good, eat when you are hungry KETO Sweet Cabbage Rolls


Spend time reading new recipes, join a facebook support group. KETO Support Buds


Make up some fat bombs KETO FAT BOMB?  and frozen pods KETO bulletproof COFFEE

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