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We all have mothers, grandmothers or aunts who have shared an herbal home remedy. Back in the day, before Big Pharma invaded wellness, ancient communities relied on the fruits of this earth to treat sickness 😀 without harmful side effects.

Purchase fresh cinnamon sticks, tumeric, chia seeds, cloves, parsley, sea salt, oregano, garlic, honey, pumpkin seeds, pecans, walnuts and all kinds of unusual 🌿 herbs. Enjoy the yummy breakfast of champions. Soak 1/2 cup chia seeds in 1 cup coconut milk, stir. Place in fridge overnight. Add fresh cut strawberry 🍓 blueberry and chopped pecans.

My stash of cloves, parsley, cinnamon, honey, chia, and ACV are ready to drizzle in a hot cup of water 💧 a variety of amazing organs are stirred to function. Read on — click the link in comments for dramatic info with benefits that astound folks.

QUESTIONS: Why add tumeric into your diet? What is the benefit of using cloves? Does apple cider vinegar truly help balance blood sugar? 🤔 Fresh parsley is hard to find at times, but The Root Side has dried flakes!

Tap into recipes to your renew energy, restore kidney health and lower blood pressure. Get your questions answered by clicking into the post herein. Doctor videos included on this link Flush Kidneys

Customers come first at “The Root Side” in the Laguna Plaza. Find them smiling and eager to help. On the map of San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco, Mexico 🇲🇽. CALL to order or ask if in stock. (52) 331-010-8547 George and Sagrario both speak English. George bakes the most delicious Oatmeal cookies to enjoy as a full meal.

A TESTIMONY: I stopped for a cup at Scandinavian Bakery waiting for The Root Side to OPEN at 10 am. A woman shared that recently while shopping she felt dizzy. Sagarario had her sit, then closed the shop to walk her to her car. Sagarario asked her to call 📞 and report her safe landing. I recounted this to the proprietor and she blushed “customers come first.” Imagine such mercy at Walmart or anywhere. Now enjoy a cup of coffee at home by adding a few spices and some sugar free chocolate.

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