KETO Does It Work?

KETO — if the scale has not budged yet, WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!  Consider IF your brain fog has lifted, energy increased, clothes fitting loosely? COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS ONE BY ONE and be patient because your body 29365812_1705897392839897_6637808716869533696_nis adjusting while your arteries fill with sludge. Losing 10 pounds without stressing out your heart should be important to everyone. My body did NOT respond well to KETO. My cholesterol was in the 200’s and I was chronically constipated as I envied all the posted success of others on facebook. The Ketogenic diet did not move my scale. Do NOT trust the scale, Do NOT compare your results with others. By the way, I tried on those pants that wouldn’t zip a couple of weeks ago…they still do not zip up. 26239213_10155439550363883_3177261483150499240_nListen up all who are age 55+, anyone who is in menopause. IT IS IMPORTANT not to compare your journey with the rapid scale reductions of those younger than we are.  Without intermittent fasting (IF) after almost 2 years on  KETO, I switched to watching other nutrition channels. This video gives me HOPE.


9 thoughts on “KETO Does It Work?

  1. Don’t trust the scale, watch the video above, have FUN and enjoy the journey and busting the water balloons! Read recipes, and try new things, join a private KETO group on Facebook. See before and after pictures, imagine your results, try on the same outfit every Wednesday and measure inch loss, sleeping patterns. “Ladies and Gentlemen…Shepherd dieters of all ages…it is with great joy that I announce in the middle of week 8 in the middle of the night a 2 pound water balloon slowly rolled over to the edge of the plateau and plummeted off into the abyss below exploding into annihilation….making for a grand total of 17 lbs in 7 1/2 weeks…WOW look at all you discouraged family members eyes lighting up like a Christmas tree….YES if you STICK with it it will come… YOU GOT THIS” A happy guy on the Shepherd’s Code support page.


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