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Start your day with KETO bulletproof COFFEE

No matter if you are following TSC or KETO — if the scale has not budged yet, WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!  Consider IF your brain fog has lifted, energy increased, clothes fitting loosely? COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS ONE BY ONE and be patient because your body 29365812_1705897392839897_6637808716869533696_nis adjusting to becoming “Fat Adapted”. The Creator of ‘The Shepherd’s Code’, Kristina Wilds said “I keep a journal of what I eat and never count anything other than carbs. Keeping it simple helps. Protein is roughly half your weight or LESS. Too much protein turns to sugar in the body.”  But to get an idea of carb/protein count I used the ap called “Stupid Easy Keto” It is so simple that you can check foods by clicking an icon for carb content, like green beans, tortillas, broccoli…and if you are not tracking, like I did not in the beginning, you may be having too much protein, not enough fat, or too many carbs. Just use until you KNOW what to eat and what to avoid. The KETO APKETO lifestyle keeps your body in ketosis by eating FAT to burn FAT.  Reducing your carb intake to 15-20 net grams per day puts your body into ketosis which is great for diabetics! Carbohydrates turn to sugar and sugar also feeds cancer cells. The KETO lifestyle is one that is high in protein and healthy fats, but low enough in carbohydrates.  We all are uniquely created and therefore, what amount of fat and carbs we require to get into ketosis differs.  The difference between low carb and ketosis.  When a body goes into ketosis, this means there is not enough glucose available to meet energy needs, so the body must metabolize fat for energy, in turn creating molecules known as ketones.  Since ketosis is a necessary component of a ketogenic diet, not all low or reduced carbohydrate diets are ketogenic. The exact amount of carbs that can be consumed while still maintaining ketosis varies depending on the individual.  Watch the video below explaining KETOSIS by a nurse. It is the best explanation ever about how you’re body responds to the Ketogenic diet and why the scale loss can be so frustratingly slow. Do NOT trust the scale, Do NOT compare your results with others. By the way, I tried on those pants that wouldn’t zip a couple of weeks ago…they’re all zippped up now. I feel so much better about not relying on the scale. Don’t panic about the scales, just start thinking how many FAT bubbles you are busting while on the KETO Lifestyle!  Exercise helps, but it is not necessary!26239213_10155439550363883_3177261483150499240_n


Big difference between ketosis and fat adapted. Powerful information. Copy and read.


Important, DON’T trust the scales, watch VIDEO above. 


Listen up all who are age 55+, anyone who is in menopause. How to break a plateau or have KETO work for you at all, this video is true for me.  IMPORTANT not to compare your journey with the rapid scale reductions of those younger than we are. Those opposed to intermittent fasting (I.F.) how old are you? Without I.F. at the age of 66, KETO does NOT work for me. This video gives me HOPE. After my bulletproof coffee in the morning, I am not hungry until 3-4 pm. Great information, I am age 66 and 5’6″. Hysterectomy at age 22, thyroid, adrenals, hormones totally whacked. SW 202, CW 193, GW 145….SLOW LOSS after 3 months doing I.F.  However, I remain CERTAIN that I am definetly healthier, happier doing KETO and I.F. This WOE is necessary for me.

Screenshot 2018-05-23 10.25.21


Give yourself “2” years to “be” on KETO – Do NOT compare your results with the rapid loss of others and get discouraged.

In general, most people can eat 20 to 30 grams of net carbohydrates and maintain ketosis.  BEWARE and take steps to remedy headaches and the early blah by clicking KETO FLU REMEDY  Check TAB on this BLOG “Cook with KETO Coach” for easy KETO recipes which include bread, pancakes, crackers, hot cereal, bagels, pretzels. Our body needs Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium daily.  Use Magnesium-Citrate tabs from Amazon to help alleviate constipation.  Drink ZERO POWERADE to restore electrolytes.


Need a sweet? KETO Mini Cheese Cakes


Are you serious about losing weight? Then Keto Your Kitchen

HOW TO BREAK A PLATEAU? I am trying a pure zero CARB week, meaning no trace carbs at all. Eggs for instance, no carbs. Hamburger, no carbs. Steak, no carbs. Eat only pure protein with a wee bit o salt, and mayonnaise. A woman posted that she only has eaten burger meat for years now, nothing else, and that she is healthy. Another posted she ate only burger meat for 4 days and dropped 10 pounds. She measured out 4 ounce patties and made myself 5 per day, for a total of 1200 calories. Use a ZERO carb week to break thru stalls and get the scale moving again. Some do it for 3 days, or a Monday thru Friday, OR, Tues thru Saturday.


A ZERO CARB Fast to break a plateau


Not feeling to good on KETO? KETO / TLC Risks / Flu?


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  1. Don’t trust the scale, watch the video above, have FUN and enjoy the journey and busting the water balloons! Read recipes, and try new things, join a private KETO group on Facebook. See before and after pictures, imagine your results, try on the same outfit every Wednesday and measure inch loss, sleeping patterns. “Ladies and Gentlemen…Shepherd dieters of all ages…it is with great joy that I announce in the middle of week 8 in the middle of the night a 2 pound water balloon slowly rolled over to the edge of the plateau and plummeted off into the abyss below exploding into annihilation….making for a grand total of 17 lbs in 7 1/2 weeks…WOW look at all you discouraged family members eyes lighting up like a Christmas tree….YES if you STICK with it it will come… YOU GOT THIS” A happy guy on the Shepherd’s Code support page.


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