KETO Does It Work?

photo_2021-10-17_11-01-41Heart health is a personal choice. —A recent hospital emergency visit got me back on Keto. My heart specialist is a good heart surgeon, but he is also over weight and does not agree with a Keto diet? In Medical school our doctors learn very little about how food affects disease!  We must listen to our bodies, and those doctors who have made nutrition and personal study in order to impact the diets of their patients.  IF your excuse is that a diet of: steak, avocado, heavy whipping cream, dark chocolate, lettuce, tomato, onion, hamburger, mayonnaise, cucumbers, bacon, full fat yogurt, butter is too expensive —consider the cost of insulin and high blood pressure medicine per month! Deduct that monthly cost from your monthly food budget, reduce meals to once a day with fasting and your EXCUSE has zero stability!  My last ER visit on Sept 24, 2021 cost me $17,000 USD.  It is NOT about losing weight it is all about staying active and feeling good.  before-after-weight-loss-face-transformation-200-5a2e5fef19231__700

Do you have trouble sleeping,  brain fog, low energy, clothes fitting tighter? Can you stand up look down and see your toes? Has your doctor suggested losing weight because of high blood pressure?  What if the KETO doctors who have successfully enabled people to reverse diabetes with a low carb diet are right and your doctor is wrong? What if your doctor simply cancels accurate medical evidence because of his inaccurate nutritional knowledge? The truth is that losing belly fat does reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Give your body 

29365812_1705897392839897_6637808716869533696_ntime to adjust as you eat more meat and less carbs. You will begin to burn stored sugar and fat while your arteries empty the sludge. Lose 10 inches and 15 pounds without stressing out your heart by trusting the science of a proven, healthy ketogenic diet. The Ketogenic diet will eventually give you the energy to walk and motivate you as inches fall off. Do NOT trust the scale, Do NOT compare your results with others.  Those pants that wouldn’t zip a couple of weeks ago, they are now baggy while the scale did notmove.26239213_10155439550363883_3177261483150499240_nListenup all who are age 55+.  IT IS IMPORTANT not to compare your journey with the rapid scale reductions of those younger than we are. Have you been diagnosed as prediabetic? Then you need to click here!  Intermittent fasting (IF) will switch you into a sugar/fat Burning machine.START KETO Meal Planningb0eaf2ef7e6b8325521c08cfba569726

Watch nutrition channels.  Listen to Dr Jason Fong, Dr Berg and Dr Ken Berry on YouTube. Binge on their channels until your resistance to Keto has vanished. Look in the mirror and take a picture. Try Keto for 60 days with intermittent fasting, check your sugar, and then choose based on your due diligent research. before-after-weight-loss-face-transformation-141-5a2a4f18dd373__700

Learn how I lost 13 pounds in 10 days and reversed insulin resistance and Diabetes on KETO! I am off all insulin regulating drugs. Check with your doctor, see if they are even OPEN to listening to the NEW science on nutrition, then listen to all the videos on this LINK all about my journey.  Barb Reversed Diabetes

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  1. Don’t trust the scale, watch the video above, have FUN and enjoy the journey and busting the water balloons! Read recipes, and try new things, join a private KETO group on Facebook. See before and after pictures, imagine your results, try on the same outfit every Wednesday and measure inch loss, sleeping patterns. “Ladies and Gentlemen…Shepherd dieters of all ages…it is with great joy that I announce in the middle of week 8 in the middle of the night a 2 pound water balloon slowly rolled over to the edge of the plateau and plummeted off into the abyss below exploding into annihilation….making for a grand total of 17 lbs in 7 1/2 weeks…WOW look at all you discouraged family members eyes lighting up like a Christmas tree….YES if you STICK with it it will come… YOU GOT THIS” A happy guy on the Shepherd’s Code support page.


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