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We can sabotage our success with wrong information. On Sept 24, 2021 my blood sugar spiked at over 200 while in the ambulance to have cardiac catheterization. Please scroll through all pictures of what foods I ate, and who I listened to in slide show above. For example the American Diabetes Association posted what a good breakfast looks like for a Diabetic, which includes toast, oatmeal, smoothies and yogurt. Three different doctors discuss why this is totally WRONG. A breakfast full of carbs turns to sugar, which keeps a patient insulin dependent. That is like feeding alcohol to a recovering alcoholic. GREAT for BIG FARM, not good at all for the patients. The CDC and the AMA website has little information about the underlying disease of Insulin Resistance (IR). Their scientific disinformation suggests that diabetes is a progressive disease that is irreversible. Read the cardiologist review on a Ketogenic diet published in the American Journal for Medicine. See link to his article in comments. Resistance to a Keto diet because it causes heart disease and fatty liver is also discredited by Dr Jason Fong.

Again sugar is the guilty one

The TRUTH is my sister was pre-diabetic when she went on the KETO diet. She struggled at first with the flu and shaking when trying to fast, however, she did not cave to old habits. After three years her blood panel is perfect at the age of 70! Mary now sports skinny clothes, has major energy and arrived at her set weight. There are so many positive testimonies about REVERSING the RESISTANCE of insulin dependent diabetics with a balanced KETO diet and Intermittent Fasting (IF). It is easy to get wrong information that keeps us dependent on outdated science. Listen to a few more solid voices and learn from doctors how people KISSED Depression Buh Bye

According to Dr.Berg who has treated athletes, politicians, and doctors for hypertension and insulin resistance, a 180 pound person needs 65 grams of protein daily. 4 ounces of beef = 26 grams of protein. With intermittent fasting we need less protein. Get plenty of fiber by enjoying leafy, non-starchy Veggies. Spinach, lettuce, broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, mushrooms, bell peppers, brussel sprouts, asparagus. Enough protein is key to build muscle, and NOT lose muscle. Eat Fish, Steak, Pork, String Cheese, Chicken. Dr Berg explains it PERFECTLY:

Dr. Bret Scher, Cardiologist interviews Ted Naiman, MD – Ted used to believe that eating meat was wrong and unhealthy!

In September 2020 I was hospitalized at the age of 69 with COVID. The treatment protocol included aggressive doses of prednisone, which consequently spiked my blood pressure to 210/107 and also flattened my adrenal and thyroid glands. Additionally as a result of a hysterectomy in my twenties, I produce zero hormones. Using intermittent fasting and a low carb diet, there is hope to reverse my fatty liver. Within 12 days home from the hospital on Sept 27, 2021 by Oct 15, 2021 I went off the insulin med Trayenta prescribed by my heart surgeon.

If you are in your 60’s and hormonally challenged, you may want to test your adrenals and your thyroid because they all work together, like spokes in a tire.

The disease of Insulin Resistance also has an impact on the heart. Included are a few YouTubes by doctors. Watch, take notes, and take heed. GOT questions? Call Dr Berg 1-540-299-1556. He has been successfully helping people for 29 years reverse insulin resistance and diabetes with proper nutrition. #1 STOP snacking! According to Dr Berry BEST SAFE FOODS: Eggs, Bacon, Avocado, Steak, Full fat Greek Yogurt. WORST FOODS: Oatmeal, Banana, Muesli, Muffin, Cereal with milk

Insulin Resistance can take up to a year to reverse, but it is the disease behind diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Taking insulin is NOT the answer. Keep following your doctors advice while you study what these specialists are saying. Listen to podcasts, watch videos by doctors who have successfully treated and reversed diabetes with healthy food and fasting. NEED a recipe for HOPE? KETO Bundt Cake

Intermittent fasting is the KEY to reversing Insulin Resistance more rapidly. The purpose of insulin is to lower the blood sugar. Doctors prescribe insulin to lower blood sugar, but by not understanding the disease of Insulin Resistance, they create diabetics dependent on increasing amounts of insulin. Your sugar test may be low, but you still have the IR disease which adds to your health problems. Dr Berg has been successful in treating diabetics for 15 years. Then we have Dr. Fung who basically treats people on dialysis when their kidneys shut down. this conversation will give you much to think about, including FASTING, the perfect treatment for diabetics and to reverse Insulin Resistance. Dr. Jason Fung shares a testimony of a man who lost 100 pounds and regained health by fasting. Is intermittent fasting safe? With a 3 hour window to eat daily you can enjoy efficient fuel from 2pm – 5 pm. Every person fasts safely while sleeping every night till the next day. See last video on full FASTING. Maybe 3 days of intermittent fasting, OMAD then 4 days of fasting

Ken Berry, another nutritionally trained doctor. Listen and make your choice of BEST foods diet for YOU.

Another great interview wherein a doctor now knows that OBESITY does cause cancer, which is related to Insulin Resistance, heart disease, and diabetes. WHY quit snacking? WHY not begin intermittent fasting.

What is wrong with this plate of food? Fish good, veggies good, potatoes NOT, bread NOT – your choice!

OMAD means One Meal A Day. Watch above testimony of a woman who intermittent fasted by eating one meal per day 😃 Got more concerns? Read all comments. Tuna, Salmon, Chicken, Beef, Feta Cheese, Zucchini, onions.

Dr Sten Eckberg is a former Olympic athlete. Is there a cure for Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes? The definition of Cure as a verb: To relieve a person of the symptoms of a disease. The absence of symptoms does not mean you are healed. A heart attack is a symptom of a body out of balance. The medical industry treats symptoms with medications. There is not a pill to restore or cure our health. Type 2 Diabetes is not a disease, it is a physiological adaptation to what the body consumes. The pancreas still makes insulin, but the body is adapting to whatever fuel inserted. LISTEN TO DR ECKBERG.

IF you have had COVID get a CT scan of your lungs and avoid lung lesions and heart disease as a result of insufficient oxygen. Portable oxygen tanks: An oxygen tank provides more than 90 percent oxygen to aid the breathing of a person who has declining lung capacity due to illness or damage.  Lack of Oxygen does damage to every organ, especially lungs, heart and brain. Lack of oxygen at night is my problem, but with a portable oxygen unit ordered – My husband and I will celebrate our 9th anniversary at the beach. We will also climb to 7,000 foot elevation in Mazamitla for some outdoor hiking. I praise God for His plans for me, which includes sharing my victory!

People prescribed an oxygen tank should immediately advocate that mobility is required. The National Fire Protection Association also has some tips on handling medical oxygen. Oxygen is highly flammable, clearly NO smoking in the home is wise. Avoid any potential source of ignition, from candles and matches to wood stoves or sparking power tools. Oxygen saturates fabric-covered clothing, hair and bedding, making it easier for flames to spread? Read the fire protection association’s full recommendation sheet on oxygen safety here. A COMPRESSED cylinder is battery operated: It provides greater than 90 percent oxygen. They are prescribed to keep a continuous flow of high-concentration oxygen entering the lungs. There are special machines that suck O2 right out of the atmosphere. They are small battery-powered models but they require a battery charge or no oxygen. If you lose power, keeping a charge is hard. Often doctors will prescribe a back up tank, just in case. AMAZON purchase Oct 17, 2021 total $200.00 USD: One Cylinder + rolling cart for “D” size can $55.00 + Cannula $7.00 + Carry Bag 32.00. BRAND of low flow regulator “Nuvälsa Ozone” $50.  – MUST buy cylinder separate from cart. + a back pack for hiking, shopping is extra. You need a doctor’s prescription to fill cylinder. Also plan ahead to travel with oxygen. Have copies of your oxygen prescription. You may need to arrange for oxygen to be delivered. Check for a supplier at your destination. Many oxygen suppliers have offices across the country and in other countries. Various forms of lung disease can lead a doctor to prescribe a portable oxygen device. When our lungs are healthy, they work with the 21 % of oxygen in the air. When our lungs are damaged, it becomes necessary to bump up the % of oxygen that’s in each breath. Generally, Medicare pays to rent oxygen equipment from a qualified supplier under a 36-month contract.  Medicare only pays for a person’s “main” source of oxygen. QUESTIONS? KETO Does It Work?

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    • Yes indeed 😎 Monday August 9, 2021 up at 2:00 am with elevated blood pressure, Tuesday at 6:00 pm BP 200/110, went to ER, got nitro. Psalm 106:12 “Then they believed His promises and sang His praise.” The science is real, I will regain my health by God’s grace and His confirmation to avoid carbs and sugar.

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  4. Dr Berg has written 7 books, his diet clients include high level officials in the US government, scientists, athletes, engineers, professors, medical doctors and major corporate institutions. Dr. Berg no longer practices as a Chiropractor. Over past 29 years he has conducted over 4,800 seminars on nutrition. His focus is on reversing and preventing insulin resistance and diabetes. Dr Berg completed his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Palmer College in 1988. Eric also studied at the University of Wisconsin Parkside and worked as an X-ray technician for the Army Reserves. Call 1-540-299-1556 with questions about low carb Keto, or Fasting. HIGH Cholesterol?

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