Slow Kidney Damage

What would happen to your car if you did not change the filter for fifty years? The vehicle would sputter as the sludge ruins the entire engine. Our kidneys and liver are the filters God gave us. Sludge builds up by what kind of fuel we put into the tank. Leaded or unleaded? Imagine dumping a sack of sugar into your gas tank. Well on Aug 15, 2022 I went to see a kidney specialist as I began to sputter when I urinated. The blood panel showed high uric acid, sugar and cholesterol in my tank. The Specialist said 58 % renal function, not good. Dialysis is a scary thing, but God did not give me a spirit of fear, but of power — I did massive research to figure out my part, what to eat, what to avoid. I was transformed by the renewing of my mind! Like a caterpillar, I once was able to eat whatever I wanted. The miracle occured, when me a caterpillar stopped to THINK about what I was eating, and I was stilled. I FELT the restriction inside the cocoon of what I could no longer eat, but I CHOSE to trust my Creator, and He supernaturally broke down my fears, anxiety, and a whole new creature emerged. 40 days later I flew like a butterfly out of the kidney doctors office. On Oct 7, 2022 my renal function was miraculously restored to 73%. I POST this to ENCOURAGE all who are suffering with kidney, diabetes or heart disease. Our HOPE is in the HEALER’s mighty capable hands, but we must do our part and eat nothing out of a box or a can, reduce salt, sodium and sugar. Enjoy the GOOD foods that GOD grew and made available. Just saying, walking in victory is possible! Examine your heart and your willingness to THINK differently about food.

Wisdom is available 24/7 Just ask the Holy Spirit

Food is fuel, and there is so much we get to eat. Listening to His lead, I recently woke up with the thought revisit NutryCell. I had met Rosario and booked an appointment, then ended up with COVID in a hospital Sept 2020. I remembered going to Guadalajara with Mia to get a few rounds of IV therapy. With Mike and I both losing renal function, we decided to get IV therapy to clean our liver, and kidneys and reduce cholesterol. Rosario is from Ecuador, trained as clinical Nutritionist, licensed in Mexico. We booked a 3 month IV THERAPY together. Mike admits his sugar addiction has been lifelong which has lowered his GFR to 55%. Our hope is in Jesus, and we praise Him for leading us to NutryCell. Our friends Charlotte, Mia and Jeanette give Rosario 10 stars for the products she uses. Also our friend Tracy corrected a severe imbalance disorder by using Stem Cell and she now walks without a cane.

Rosario gave us an EATING PLAN to restore our kidney function and balance my metabolic disorder. People who have diminished renal function are hard pressed to get a truthful diet to follow. Good nutrition is critical to keeping our kidneys filtering out the sludge–

  1. Be an active participant in your care.
  2. Follow your diet plan.
  3. Build a kidney-friendly lifestyle.

Our kidneys are the power organs that God gave us to remove waste and toxins from our blood, control our water levels, and keep our blood pressure in check. Our kidneys also balance our electrolytes. The RIGHT nutrition is critical to building a kidney-supporting life. Before pre-diabetes is detected, INSULIN RESISTANCE has been damaging our liver, kidneys and heart. Too many carbs, and way too much sugar is what tortures our organs. If your blood pressure is spiking, think of it as an ice pick poking holes in your kidneys and destroying the nephrons of the kidney organ.


  1. Watch the salt. Kidneys are one of the body’s best defenses for controlling blood pressure—and high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of kidney disease. Sodium is what causes blood pressure spikes. SOLUTION: Cook at home. Cook your meals from scratch. Avoid sugar and sauces.
  2. Eliminate Sugar and flour.  Watch Dr Berg explain how eliminating excess sugar will do for your kidneys, liver, brain, blood vessels, cholesterol, and energy level. Video below is AWESOME.
  3. Eat fresh veggies. This limits sodium intake. Limit fruit as one apple can spike glucose just like a teaspoon of honey does. INSULIN RESISTANCE is the constant denominator of kidney patients. Kidney disease can result in high potassium levels, so avoid bananas, potatoes, oranges, and limit avocados.
  4. Watch out for phosphorus.  Avoid high-phosphorus foods like beans, lentils, sodas, and processed foods. Tip: Check nutrition labels for any ingredients that have “phos” in their name and keep them out of your cupboards!
  5. Personalize your protein intake. Eating too much protein can cause waste to build up in your blood. Kidneys are in charge of waste removal, so limit protein. Pick lean meats, and other healthy sources of protein. YOUR GFR is calculated by creatinine on blood panel.
  6. Choose healthy fats. Choose good fats such as walnut oil, peanut oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Consider steaming, poaching, or boiling foods instead of frying. The body does needs salt and sodium, and healthy fat.
  7. Drink six 8 oz bottles of water a day. 

At Lakeside it is convenient to go to the Nutrycell office and have Rosario hook you up with a IV therapy protocol designed according to your blood panel. CONFIDENTLY Mike and Barb are walking in divine health as they believe that the blood of Jesus healed their diseases. The Bible tells us the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. “He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on Him, and by His wounds we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5

Glutathione is a substance produced naturally by the liver and it is considered the master antioxidant. Glutathione is essential for protecting the cells against oxidative damage. As we age, levels of Glutathione decrease which puts our endocrine system at risk. Glutathione streaming by IV THERAPY is superior to vitamin supplements that usually only render us a 2% benefit after capsules must be filtered thru clogged kidneys. My energy is up, cholesterol down, weight down, zero statins, thanks be to God.

Our kidney specialist told us that to REPAIR KIDNEYS would require a miracle, but we can only hope to slow down KIDNEY deterioration by what we eat. Barb got her MIRACLE and in 60 days her Renal function went from 57% to 73%. Praise God for He led us to get IV Therapy. By denying myself what I had been eating, the fruit of self-control is blossoming. THINKING that ice cream is like eating frozen maggots, it became too GROSS to indulge. THINK about being stuck on dialysis as if your life depended on it forever! NOT AN OPTION FOR ME. Celebrate and FEEL the freedom to CHOOSE good food to AVOID dialysis. I GOT MY MIRACLE. My part was obedience to select good fuel in my tank. More energy, improved streaming kidneys, and a regulated GI trac – our hope soars! We have a great expectation for a big improvement between our blood reports on Oct 3, 2022 to Jan 15, 2023. That Black and White hard evidence will demonstrate how eliminating sugar and IV THERAPY can benefit anybody. God invites us to fast from rich foods and His Way works perfectly. Like Daniel, we too can benefit from eating more fresh foods without preservatives and sugar. Our countenance reflects the Spirit of God in us — just as it reflects our energy level based on our improved renal function, cardio system and GI tract. WARNING: regardless of the scale, belly fat is an indicator of insulin resistance which leads to diabetes and a metabolic disorder. Our focus is on eliminating SUGAR and flour. We have both lost weight and gained energy. This reflects the power of our joint prayers, and open minds to the best God has for us. The leading of the Holy Spirit is getting us fit until God takes us home. We give all glory to God for the insights He has given to all the amazing science involved. Mike before sciatica and IV THERAPY. A glowing face was difficult to muster while in pain.

We choose to THINK about all we get to eat, not about what we cannot have. WITH a SMILE LIFE GOES ON and we THINK this is FUN, and FEEL good about avoiding dialysis! We CHOOSE to eat for FUEL, not as a sport. Take time in the kitchen and get creative, make it a pleasure to look at your plate and PRAY and thank God for all the WONDERFUL foods that He grows fresh for our benefit. Canned or boxed, those foods are laced with poisonous things that slowly kill your organs. Liver, kidney, heart, thyroid, adrenals and metabolic system.

Affirm your health as you wisely turn off any source of negative news. Need a Healing? It is important to investigate and trust God with your health. Follow your doctors advice while doing your own research. Go shopping weekly at the Farmers market and delight in all those colors.

What shocked my Nephrologist is that I returned in 40 days with lowered uric acid, lowered cholesterol, lowered body weight and an improved GFR at 73%. Prior visit he hoped to put me on statins and just maintain 58%. Daily I drank a shot glass of ORTIGA to lower Uric Acid, then charted my Blood Pressure, read scriptures, and did my daily NEUROCYCLE, brain train. 54321 I thanked God for another day and WALKED and LIVED life as if I already had my MIRACLE. A blood test showing high uric acid, is a warning signal from your body telling you to beware of kidney, and heart disease. ELIMINATE High purine foods: All alcohol, shellfish, sardines, herring, mussels, codfish, scallops, trout, haddock, bacon, turkey, veal, and liver. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE because GOD loves His kids! It is possible with God to REVERSE kidney disease and Diabetes! I am living PROOF. What I ate was fresh salads, home made chili without beans, homemade chicken soup, tilapia, meatloaf, omelettes with bell peppers, onions, carrots and lots of fresh salads with fresh herbal seasonings. Now that I am on a roll, I am taking 3 months of IV THERAPY.

The alkaline diet food chart

Keeping a balance of PH is achieved by the choices of food we ingest. A high acidic diet for women may feed bacteria inside. To reduce risk of disease and yeast infections, bacteria, decrease acidity in your body. Reduce or Eliminate harmful acidic foods. The #1 enemy is Sugar! Choose healthier alkaline foods: Cucumber, spinach, sprouts, avocado, celery, garlic, lettuce, onion, tomato, lentils, watermelon, rice, carrots, chia, quinoa, coconut oil, almond milk, asparagus, pecans, sweet potato, alkaline water. LESS of these high acidic food: coffee, dairy (latte) tea, vinegar, chicken, eggs, cheese, blueberry, oats, mango.

FUEL for BREAKFAST OPTIONS FOR people with a low kidney GFR from a licensed nutritionist: 
1 cup diced mango + Coffee (occasionally) Best choice herbal tea or Cinnamon water
2 eggs scrambled, ½ cup mango + Tea
½ cup of unsweetened yogurt + unsweetened berries + 2 tbsp chopped pecans
½ cup cottage cheese + 2 tbsp pecans + ½ cup frozen mango, or watermelon

A FIST size portion or 250 grams of chicken, tilapia, or turkey (steak 1 X a month)  BAKE, grill or steam the protein of choice.  A grilled hamburger 1 X a week with cheese melted and onions bathed in butter. PLUS: SALAD of lettuce, onion, cheese with herbal dressing + olive oil
PLUS: VEGETABLES about ¾ cup portion of a mix of:  Celery, carrots, bell peppers, asparagus, corn, zucchini or peas. PLUS ½ cup of rice 2 X a week.

FIRST 3 WEEKS of CHELATION: Zero citrus, tomatoes, egg plant, bacon. CONDIMENTS: Olive oil, vinegar (caution: vinegar is highly acidic) herbs, pepper, salt (zero mayo) DRINKS: Water, herbal tea, cinnamon water, add fresh mint to hot water, caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee with cream ok. ZERO alcohol.

IV Therapy has been clinically proven for its role in reducing fatty liver, Heart Disease and Kidney Disease. It reduces high uric acid, removes calcium deposits in the arteries, and arsenic toxicity. PROS: IV Therapy Detoxifies Lead, Arsenic, Mercury. By following the recommended diet, the body will recover and rebuild healthy tissue with clean, sugar free, fresh foods. If we clean out the liver and the kidney sludge, and eat sugar, we cancel the effect of the Therapy.  We get toxic by drinking contaminated water, breathing-in polluted air and eating toxic foods (sugar, stevia, additives, sodium).  Heavy metals get into our bodies in many ways. The body adjusts as we quit sugar, alcohol, flour and we slowly loose a taste for sweet. Recommended: DRINK 2 liters of water daily to help flush stirred toxins.  An increase in blood pressure is your body giving you a signal to STOP, breathe, and consider what God is saying to you. “Trust God in all things.”

Inflammation is deadly to our cardiovascular and gastrointestinal (GI) Trac. Inflammation causes vessels to shrink, blood flow to decrease and it also causes hemorrhoids. Our natural peptides modulate the functions of various tissues including the brain, digestive accessory organs (liver, kidneys, pancreas), stomach, and intestine. On Oct 20, 2022 Barbara received her first injection of GI peptides at Nutrycell in order to assist intestinal GI function. Peptides are used to help build muscle, and reduce GI inflammation restore adrenal function. Peptides naturally boost growth hormones for faster recovery.  PEPTIDE INFUSION VIA 4 INJECTIONS. Think of peptides as mini proteins.  Research indicates that peptides may : lower high blood pressure. Kill microbes. Reduce inflammation. Prevent the formation of blood clots.


8 thoughts on “Slow Kidney Damage

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  2. Aug 19, 2022 Both of my kidneys working at 58 %. Renal function at age 70 should be 70 % GFR. The blood panel item Cystatin C shows zero active kidney damage. The kidney specialist determined that I have a Metabolic disorder – A 58% renal function is not good, the best the Nephrologist said we could expect is to maintain 58% and not decline and eventually end up on dialysis. My glucose is 98 – 100 is the limit, so Barb is high, but normal. My Triglycerides are perfect. My high uric acid (UA) is my body crying for help. My total Cholesterol is 296 should be below 200. I DO NOT HAVE KIDNEY DISEASE and I am determined to STOP SUGAR and claim a miracle for God’s glory. Here I am use me Lord.

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  4. October 12, 2022 on my son’s birthday, I got the RIGHT eating plan for my heart and kidneys. Your body needs a little salt and it needs oil to keep the bowels working. Jan 15, 2023 a new lipid panel to compare with Oct 3, 2022 blood test. Rosario will go over our results before we see Dr Font, Nephrologist at RMC hospital.

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  5. BM Clinica Biomedica open Mon- Fri 9 AM – 8 PM. Sat open 9 am – 2 pm. PHONE: 332-967-0079 ADDRESS: Turquesa 3227 – Verde Valle, GUAD zip 44550. Met Dr Jorge Alejandro Torres Perez on Oct 20, 2022 at Real de Chapala. Barb gifted #1 NAD+ pink IV to improve metabolic function, detox and cleanse, clear brain fog, improve memory, support recovery, boost energy. WILL make appointment #2 GET OZONIZED IV = meet metabolic needs, allergies, headaches, detox kidney, liver, support endocrine system. #3 RE-BOOST IV therapy to support metabolic function, combat headaches, migraines, support immune system. #4 GET UP + GO IV to combat degenerative disease (kidney, heart) improve muscle, add strength + tone, and boost energy. MAP:

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  6. Our Endocrine system collects hormones that  process through our glands. Endocrine glands secrete hormones while exocrine glands secrete a variety of substances, mostly enzymes, with many different purposes. Our Endocrine glands have no connection to the surface of the body, their vital secretions enter our bloodstream. Therefore, our heart, liver, kidneys and gall bladder are impacted by our blood flow. Sugar is the enemy, a sweet lure of the devil that essentially destroys our endocrine system. Our metabolic function is the process of breaking down glucose molecules into a metabolic pathway. A metabolic pathway is a series of connected chemical reactions that feed one another. Metabolism: Converts food into energy. The process by which the body changes food and drink into energy. Sugar creates a metabolic disorder which leads to heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes.


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