Fasting and Inflammation

GettyImages-565706549-949x534FASTING is EASY people! HOW? Well we do NOT eat while we sleep! Another reality is that our liver holds about 400 calories of glycogen. What is glycogen? The body breaks down most carbs from the foods we eat and converts them to a type of sugar called glucose. When the body doesn’t need to use the glucose for energy, it stores it in the liver and muscles. Basically this stored form of glucose is called glycogen. Our skeletal muscle stores between 1400 and 2000 calories worth of glycogen.  A FEW  Pesto Presto  KIDNEY FRIENDLY recipes   KETO KABOB  very simple  Repair Kidney Damage EASY Presto Pasta Salad

IF or intermittent fasting helps us get into KETOSIS. DAILY FASTING gives your organs a break. With less to process, your body will burn fat for fuel rather than glycogen. LIST OF FOODS for folks with kidney damage: BROKEN DOWN as a STOP LIGHT.  GREEN FOODS = One Meal A Day (OMAD) load up. YELLOW FOODS = Enjoy 2 x a week. RED FOODS = ELIMINATE COMPLETELY! The Mayo Clinic RENAL DIET includes tomatoes, lettuce? The point is to limit sodium, salt and phosphorus.

GREEN = Onion, asparagus, zucchini, pineapple, mango, yellow or green bell peppers, butter, cream cheese, rice milk, oregano, basil, garlic, thyme, cumin, Tilapia, chicken without skin, cauliflower pasta, cauliflower, corn tortilla (1 per week, each small Mexican corn tortilla is 50 carbs)

YELLOW = raspberries, green or yellow cherry tomatoes, carrot, sweet potato, lean beef, lean pork, avocado, heavy cream, walnut, almonds, mushrooms, mayonnaise, popcorn without salt. 

RED = ELIMINATE. Yogurt, spinach, tuna, bacon, whole wheat bread, brown rice, banana, melon, kiwi, strawberries, nuts, ketchup, egg yolk, papaya, peaches, shellfish, shrimp, lettuce, red tomato. 

With less food to process, the body uses up stored glycogen for energy.  As we consume a low carb, low sugar, moderate diet of protein, in about 3 days, most bodies arrive at the first stage of KETOSIS.  With IF, we FAST from all FOOD from 6 or 7PM.  Wait until 11 AM or NOON the next day to eat the ONE planned MEAL FOR THE DAY.  Drink a tall glass of water before eating and your satisfaction will arrive with less intake. Lying down after a meal causes acid reflux so do not eat before bedtime.  It is FUN to BLAST through any plateau with a 16 hour fast.  NO FOOD AFTER 5 PM – sleep, wake, enjoy a cup of coffee or green tea in the morning. NOTICE that you were NOT hungry after a few days of fasting.  EASY PEASY! Fast from 6 pm to 12 noon equals 18 hours of fasting!!! The 18 hour FAST is SAFE as it gives your body and organs a REST from working overtime to process all you stuff into your gut. Safely DENY your flesh, and train it to be satisfied with ONE MEAL A DAY!  ENJOY your journey and ROCK your WORLD with a total Brain Sweep


FOOD CHOICES – Educate yourself before you choose.

EAT what WORKS for YOU and BE HAPPY! Inflammation of fingers and feet is a sign of unhealthy, inflamed kidneys. Do you feel like urinating, but cannot? WOMEN BEWARE of frequent UTI infections. It is normal to have just one per year.  More than that does major damage to your kidney function.Every Blood Pressure Spike damages your kidneys and your heart.  PAY ATTENTION to your BP, Cholesterol, and Uric acid.  GFR = Glomerular Filtration Rate –  is what your doctor should look for in a blood panel that measures creatinine, cystatin C and potassium.  INFLAMMATION is the enemy of heart disease, cancer, liver, kidney and brain fog. Acute inflammation signs: pain, redness, immobility (loss of function), swelling and heat. Chronic inflammation, is a slow, creeping condition caused by a misfiring of the immune system that keeps your body in a constant, long-term state of high alert. Over time, inflammation damages healthy cells. When cells are in distress, they release chemicals that alert the immune system. – WALK IN HEALTH – READ SCRIPTURE – CLAIM HEALING and watch your salt and sodium intake. Inflammation can start attacking the linings of your arteries or intestines, the cells in your liver and brain, or the tissues of your muscles and joints. This inflammation-caused cellular damage can trigger diseases like diabetes, cancer, dementia, heart disease, kidney failure, arthritis and depression. Reduce inflammation by loading body with anti-inflammatory foods. Control blood sugar, walk 30 minutes regularly. Lose weight, Manage stress, get 8 hours of Sleep.  Foods that can cause inflammation: Sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. Artificial trans fats, Vegetable and seed oils (margarine, shortening, lard) Refined carbohydrates, Excessive alcohol, Processed meat. AVOID: Refined Grains, White flour, Bread, Pasta, Cookies, Muffins, and SNACKING.  Every time you put a few nuts in your mouth – you STOP ketosis and fat burning and you put kidneys back to WORK. A GREAT BOOK about our diet with new research about HDL, LDL, CHOLESTEROL, Triglycerides. photo_2022-08-19_10-11-13

It is YOUR ONLY BODY – take care of it! Trust God and BE a MIRACLE!  LISTEN TO PODCASTS about FASTING by the Diet Doctor; Dr Berg; Jason Fong, a Canadian Nephrologist. The below podcast has lots of clinical language about a PLANT rich KETO diet for people with kidney disease. Slow down degeneration by fasting, limit red meat, carbs. A plant based Keto diet in a clinical trial showed improvement. Referenced in the podcast below is the RENAL SUPPORT NUTRITIONAL PROGRAM http://site Enjoy eggs with veggies, a rice milk smoothie with mango, pesto, full fat cream, olive oil. 
Dr Keith Runyan, MD, Nephrologist from St Petersburg, Florida — a diabetic athlete is interviewed by a Cardiologist.  In this podcast a diet for kidney stones is discussed.  Dr Runyan blogs what he eats and how he manages his Type 1 Diabetes. Follow His blog. How to AVOID Uric Acid kidney stones, reduce foods that are high in PURINES; beer, anchovies, scallops, mussels, mushrooms, tomatoes, blue cheese. Avoid: Fructose, high glycemic carbs, foods that are high in glutamate are plants, green tea, tomatoes, corn, green peas, soy sauce, cheddar cheese. reducing kidney stones in NOT just about restricting beef protein. STRICT COMPLIANCE is difficult for most people. Drink 8 cups of water every day –
Dr Runyan’s insights are valuable as he transparently shares his personal experience.  This podcast is worthy of your time. At 26 minutes the discussion is about CKD and hypertension. At 34 minutes Dr Runyan goes into detail about kidney stones. Dr Runyan does not participate in any social media, but he does blog to which he does reply.
LIFE IS GOOD when we take care of ourselves!

Repressed thoughts cause us to react with fear and anxiety. God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a powerful spirit to overcome. “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7 By faith, and through His power in us, we can discipline and redirect our thoughts. Our Father tells us to capture every thought. “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5 strongly commands us to take our thoughts by force and make them obey God’s Word. AMEN ❤️ Dr Leaf is a Christian brain surgeon. Her FREE APP was clinically engineered to enable people to uproot thoughts that do not reflect who we are in Christ. In 63 days, a process to deconstruct toxic thoughts and reconstruct LIFE changing patterns of thought renews our mind. “Put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.” Col 3:10 –The APP is called “Neurocycle” Regenerate new thinking by Christmas. EAT WELL according to your blood test. DECREASE INFLAMMATION by reducing salt, sodium, phosphorus. DECREASE URIC ACID by limiting red meat, eat fish and chicken. There are NATURAL ways to CORRECT health. Take less supplements to give your kidneys a break on what they must work to filter.

IF you have a low GFR rate of filtration of toxin out of your kidneys, follow Dr. Keith Runyan’s blog. He is a Nephrologist that has written a book on how to manage your Type 1 Diabetes which Dr Runyan has. Dr Runyan posted his diet on a recent blog post. “The foods in my diet currently include bacon, eggs, salmon, cheddar cheese, broccoli, unsweetened tea, and a dessert made with cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, coconut oil, unsweetened baker’s chocolate, allulose, chopped macadamia nuts and sunflower seeds, and water to adjust the consistency. The choice of these foods and the amounts I eat result in obtaining close to 100% of the RDA of 40 vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. I do supplement with Morton Lite Salt added to my bacon and eggs for its sodium and potassium content and take magnesium chloride (300 mg/day) added to water. I also supplement with creatine monohydrate (1 gram/day), vitamin C (180 mg/day), and vitamin D (5,000 IU 3x/week). My meals are eaten at 7 am, 12:15 pm, 5:30 pm, and 10:45 pm, or as close to those times as possible. Each meal contains ≈0.4 grams/kg body weight of protein to help retain my muscle mass. ” His BLOG:

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  2. Follow Dr. Berg on Youtube. Meat does not ROT in our colon. High fiber, or grains gets stuck in our large intestine and it gets broken down bacteria. It is putrid and it smells like bad broccoli in the veggie drawer. That is what happens in our large colon when we eat lots of fiber. Stinky bowel movements come from Plant Based people. Meat breaks down immediately in small intestine. People who have had slices of their colons removed report that the only things that dump into the colon bag is corn, grains, never meat. Our body tells us when we are hungry, when we are thirsty. When we are satiated – our HUNGER hormones register full. Can you deny your flesh for 16 hours a day to FEEL awesome? It is a matter of setting your mind right.

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