GettyImages-565706549-949x534TRUTH IS: People do not eat while they sleep, so an easy way to FAST from FOOD is to NOT eat after 8PM and then wait till NOON the next day to eat first meal. Drink lots of water before first meal, and spice up the water with freshly squeezed lemon or lime.  I live in Mexico so limes are growing on my trees. I also make bulletproof coffee pods and freeze them in advance to make this fast easy and repeatable. This link is a recipe for pods KETO COFFEE  the Keto lifestyle is a diet without sugar and therefore it diminishes our hunger considerably.  That FACT makes it EASY to hold off eating until noon.  The KETO plan or Kristina Wilds “The Shepherd’s Code” recommends blasting through any plateau with a 16 hour fast which includes sleep. Simply ingest a cup of coffee or tea for breakfast and wait till noon to eat your first meal of the day.  EASY PEASY! Fasting from 8 pm to 12 noon equals 16 hours of fasting!!! The 16 hour FAST done at least weekly will fast track your weight loss!  16 hours of not eating leaves you with an 8-hour eating window.  Eat at noon, then eat at 6 PM! It’s effective, easy to do.  You can safely do the KETO FAST as often as you like. For example twice a week, or on weekdays only… or every single day. The more often you do it, the more effective it is.  Love your body as it is, then see how easy it is to fast for 16 hours! Excelerate weight loss, gain more energy, and sleep better! Avoid health issues including diabetes, and heart problems by eating more fat!quote-i-was-a-fat-girl-growing-up-and-had-to-change-schools-because-kids-were-so-mean-sara-bareilles-97-29-83

Our bodies endocrine system is fascinating! Hysterectomy Hope  this post link will take you to a video about your endocrine system.  In order to kick your metabolism into gear you may need to take these tablets daily:  kelp, copper and zinc. To blow out your bowels and get regular take “magnesium citrate”. photostudio_1510573718550

Kristina Wilds supplies you with Bible scriptures that agree with today’s science that in order to burn fat, we must eat more fat. Watch this entire VIDEO. Consider joining “The Shepherds Code” if you want more personalized support while you transition into your vibrant new body.  After you join, then you get support on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “KETO EASY FAST

  1. These 5 simple rules to be happy are the same ones of Lord’s ordinances.
    Tenemos que aprender de las personas sabias…..entre más viejo más sabio….. Me atrevo a decir que estás 5 sencillas reglas para ser feliz, son las mismas que las ordenanzas del Señor.
    Free your heart from hatred…libera tu corazón del odio
    Free your mind from worries…libera tu mente de la preocupación
    Live simple…vive con sencillez
    Give more…..da más
    Expect less & enjoy every moment……espera menos y disfruta cada momento…..


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